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BrhadAranyaka Upanishad - sloka 1.4.5

Summary till now

Atma tore apart Purusha and Stri due to 'desire' or 'iccha' to enjoy (rame) and not due to fear. Of these purusha does not have desire to manifest. Stri becomes filled in vacuum or empty space. All matter and beings are born from Stri. Manifestation from Stri occurs in pairs.

What is iccha or desire..?

iccha or desire is the cause of action or activity. This 'iccha' or 'desire' is present in inanimate matter and biological beings both.

In the parlance of science, iccha is this imbalance of forces at play or unstable energy levels that lead to some action. This is the 'iccha' in physical matter. Spontaneously, by varying energy levels (which is allowed by Heisenberg uncertainty principle) or Explicitly, by imbalance of forces, an 'instability' gets expressed at all times, in all matter forms and causes a change. This is the 'iccha'.

In the parlance of philosophy, iccha or desire is this imbalance of mental forces at play or unstable mental energy levels that lead to action. This is the 'iccha' in biological beings.

In all cases 'iccha' the desire causes duh-kha, the suffering or decay.

What is duh-khA..?

'Duh' is milking away. 'kha' is aperature or hole. Duhkha is miling away through an aperature or draining off or moving away the energy. The draining off/milking off the energy is called duhkha.

In in-animate matter forms, when there is an imbalance of forces at play or unstable energy levels (which is the iccha), some of the matter or energy is let go or milked out. This is called 'decay'.

In animate biological beings, when such an imbalance of forces or unstable energy levels overtakes their mental being, that leads to a split in their mental plane and draining off their energy. This is called 'suffering'.

iccha and duhkha - The norm of Universe

Atma resides in everything including manuSya and makes them undergo iccha (desire, instability). Remember it was originally the 'iccha' of Atma that drove the split of Purusha and Stri. Hence whatever is born to Stri including manuSya inherit the same characteristic of iccha.

The iccha (desire, imbalance or instabiity) is the nature of the Universe as it is inherited from the Atma. That's how evolution works.

As explained above 'iccha' (desire, instability) is the root-cause of 'duhkha' (suffering, decay).

The kinds of duhkha - Buddha's four noble truth

In Quantum science, dukkha (decay) or draining off energy translates to three decays. Alpha decays (giving out baryonic matter), Beta decays (giving out leptonic matter) and gamma decays (giving out photons). There is also a fourth one which milks away energy, which is Quantum fluctuation, which causes energy to fluctuate and manifest as particles in real world.

In philosophical domain, Gautama Buddha takes the above construct and translates it into human existence plane. Thus he arrives at four types of dukkha as the Four Noble Truths. The four Noble Truths became the basic tenet of Buddhism.

Sloka 1.4.5

sa u vet, ahaṃ vāva sṛṣṭir asmi, ahaṃ hīdaṃ sarvam asṛkṣ īti; tataḥ sṛṣṭirabhavat; sṛṣṭyāṃ hāsyaitasyām bhavati ya evaṃ veda || 5 ||


That/with (sa) know/knowledge (ved) (my)self (aham) indeed (vAva) creation (srstir) I am (asmi). (That knows indeed I am myself is creation ). Myself (aham) alone here (hi idam) everything's (sarvam) blood in this way(asrks iti). Thereafter (tatah) creation (srstir) manifests (abhavat)

The created/creations (srstyam) ha (certainly) unto it (asyai) through it (tasyAm) manifests, that is well known


The word 'aham' means inside. It indicates 'Self'. 'Self' indicates the Atma. The word 'asmi' indicates I, I am etc.

With creation knowing the 'Self' as 'I am', 'Self' indeed is the the blood of everything here. That's how creation manifests. It is well known that creation manifests unto that Self and through that.

When creation starts happening out of Stri in pairs, everything that is created knows that the the 'Self' (Atma) is inside us. All the creation is not just because of that Atma, but also through that Atma. Every creation inherits the Atma's characteristics as they are through them.

The property of Atma was 'desire' or 'iccha'. That iccha or desire in mental parlance or scientifically put spontaneously becoming unstable due to energy levels or explicitly becoming unstable due to imbalance caused by external forces, exists in every matter and being, as all of them are through that Atma (ha asyai tasyAm)

More to come..

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