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Brevity in postings

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Need for Brevity:
I find some of the postings are long and the replies are even longer.It would be great if Brevity can be maintained.Another danger in such long Messages the subject sometimes deviates when a person picks a point from there and goes elsewhere.There cannot be any guidelines or set limit for this,but certainly people can use their discretion and use less words to express their views.Links can be given if you have to import some info.
Just a Suggestion..no offence meant..
Yes it is true.
Many a times I skip, if it goes....on for long paragraphs.
The message what has to be read is overlooked.

Really need of the hour.
If possible the original thread may be displayed at the top of each page when it opens, so that it serves as a reminder that the responses can be limited to within the topic and relevance.

In some earlier posts also it was suggested to find ways of restricting the "boundary jumping" of responses.

Self restraint is the best solution
Absolutely true.

In many of the discussions I could find the focus of the subject terminating and leading to another topic that is hardly relevant to the thread and remains the hot topic under discussion.

At last the purpose of the thread remains un-satisfied.


i, for one, think have some of the longest posts.

one primary reason, is i parse, almost after every one or two sentence, as i believe, this makes reading the posts easy.

this is only out of my own experience in reading multi lined paragraphs, where i tend to mix the lines and feel the contents somewhat crushed.

in such cases, in fact, if i highlight the paragraph, it appears easy for me to read.

another point, too i agree. threads, i have found are like rivers with a mind of their own.

it might frustrate some to see their favourite topic 'hijacked' - an appropriate word used by hari, sometime ago, when i did such a thing.

i have an issue to present then - in the course of an answer, many points are brought out, and some of them are so interesting in themselves, that one is forced to deviate.

for this habit, i think, i can venture to say, that all of us, at one point or the other, may be guilty.

such interesting points' repartee, do not necessarily warranty opening a new thread, for then it loses the juiciness of the answer, or the momentum of the query.

and it is such a shame, because sometimes these subtopics build up such interest, that they even eclipse the original intent of the thread.

hence, my view that the thread has a mind of its own, and it manipulates the posters to its whims and fancy.

seriously, i do not know, if all replies are confined to yes, no or maybe or extensions of these to a few lines (because once we advocate brevity, we are obliged to come up with a definition).

we cannot get away with saying that only brief replies are allowed, without defining what it should be.

which may mean, a half baked answer, as sometimes, many thoughts are just yarns, which have to be threaded to be posted here, and that takes words and time.

also, people like me, touch upon two or three related topics of an answer, and such a broad brush, appears that my replies are out of focus?

i don't know, but considering the enthu with which this thread has started, let us wait for a few more posts.

perhaps, we can come up with guidelines, for what use is a thread, with a suggestion, if a solution is not forthcoming.

personally, i tend to skip threads which are of no interest or which i cannot fathom. also answers which are long and not parsed.

back again, let us view some more response and also suggestions from the public re

- how many maximum words per answer (suggested ofcourse :))
- what about interesting side topics that spurt out?
- can the thread starter be considered a de facto owner and perhaps mildly 'police' the contents
- .. and perhaps suggest at what point a new thread can be justified?

i see raghy, now on the verge of opening up a new thread.. maybe he can give pointers as to why he wished to do so, instead of continuiing with the existing thread re brahmins' pets

to close off: personally, i am always reluctant to start new threads, because my track record has been horrible. very few such threads have taken off, and i have always felt ignored. i had no such issues with posting in existing threads, which always appear to get answers to my queries.

thank you. :)
Dear Sri Sabesan Narayanaswami,

I agree fully with your observations. Very good suggestion. Many a time I find the discussions digress from the main subject turning into unwanted arguments.

I have liked and enjoyed all the postings from Sh.Kunjuppu on Various issues.It is an enriching experience for me.

Shri Kunjuppu has brought out some valid points on this subject.I agree Brevity should not be at any cost.There are spin off benefits from Each thread and we will have to deal with them properly without losing Focus on the Main issue.As of now I am equally clueless how to deal such issues.Let us wait for more inputs from others.Thanks
Sri Kunjuppu ji,

I fully agree with your comments.....

For the same reason of clear understanding (of the viewers) and to indicate the importance of some of the statements, I tend to make them appear in Capital Letters and make them bold wherever required. I feel this helps the other members to understand what exactly have been focused upon.

Sri Kunjuppu ji, every one have their own style of drafting. I feel that this liberty should not be disturbed.

I feel that every member of this forum should consider each other as friends and have a very informal and casual interactions within the set boundaries of not offending and abusing each other and not expressing despise to any other community.

These code of conduct would be sufficient to have a healthy and pleasurable Forum. I feet it personally as such.

Any sort of filtrations, rules & regulations as you have indicated -
- how many maximum words per answer (suggested ofcourse )
- what about interesting side topics that spurt out?
- can the thread starter be considered a de facto owner and perhaps mildly 'police' the contents
- .. and perhaps suggest at what point a new thread can be justified?

I feel would have negative impact on the users....There would be chances of arguments & clash between thread starter and other responding members. As well among the responding members. This may cease the interest of the users and take away the charm of this forum.

I feel that the implementation of above suggestions would probably lead to a situation of - NEEYA? NA NAA??

So my opinion and my wish would be that - Let the exchange of ideas on every thread keep going as it is going at present with required interruptions by the modulators as and when required.

I feel that if members start acting the role of a modulator than the spirit among the members using the forum can not be sustained.

Off course as a team of Brahmins, sharing our knowledge and ideas we can very well make fun of each other, make comments and suggestions for the postings, have own style of drafting and enjoy this virtual gathering in a right spirit. Obviously without hurting any one.

Having such a freedom, feel of togetherness and feel of very close friendship among each other, I believe this Forum would be the most purposeful.

The above are my opinions only. I request members not to mistake me if I am wrong anywhere.


I endorse Sri Ravi,

When answering we keep the central theme flowing and repetition avoided. When we discuss something, there is a chance that the main subject deviates from the origianal and have natural detour, at that time, the thread starter should manage the lagaan. We should be precise enough to avoid the repetition. (tsk tsk, i have to learn, lot easier said than done!)

Very Interesting Observations from esteemed Members.Many,Many thanks.
In this connection my memory goes back to late 50s when I was doing my PUC. There used to be a English 2 Paper:The first Question will be a Precis Writing? It used to carry 30 Marks I think.There will be a big essay running to 2 full pages and it has to be edited and condensed to 300 words are less.One has to read the essay, absorb the contents and make a summary.It used to be my favourite.
Coming to this subject,as I said it is totally one's own discretion to do that.No clear guidelines or limit can be specified,nor is it required.Certainly if a subject is presented in a crisp,capsule form there is a greater chance more people will read and respond.Thanks again,my friends.
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