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Break " COCONUT " on Road on Ammavasai day or auspicious day !

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My suggestion is, I can mobilise any number of volunteers to collect the " coconuts " offered as " SATHUR THENGAI " simply broken in a neat place and gather the " tender water " and the "kernels - Kottan kachi ", preserve it suitably and send it to the places like Thirupathi and other local temples, Ashrams, needy homes which can be utilised better !

I recently visited " SABARIMALAI " !
Oh ! huge quantities of " COCONUTS " simply burnt !
I have seen the coconut dry powder packed & sold in the International market.

It is high time we atleast awaken and boldly waste not & make best use of it by displaying the nutritional values which can reach the needy.

Shall continue to brief about the values of " PUMPKIN " & " LEMON " which can be offered to the DIETY - in Temples, and then preserved and distributed to the needy.

Hope BRAMINS should get recognised by doing such progressive ways !!!

- Renganathan Raghavan Mannargudi
To: all, Broken PUMKIN is just started 1986 Jul onwards, since one leading Pumkin grower brought 3 Truck loads of Pumkin to chennai on AmmaVasi day and that day the price came very low and no buyer,the clever Farmer used this technic and sold all the 3 loads, from that day onwards pumkin broken(MOOdaNambikai)started. S.R.K.
i think, coconuts broken inside kapali temple, has been contracted out and collected by the merchant, to be sold, for further processing (perhaps oil?).

atleast, this used to be the way, about 30 years ago. not sure what is happening now.

i am surprised at the wastage at sabarimalai.

food, definitely should not be wasted.
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