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bramhayagyanga pitrutarpanam

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You can do without til. You are permitted to do Brahmayagyam daily before noon with water without til even before varushabdikam.
Soma pithruman yamo angiraswan agni kavya vahanadhaya yae pithraqha thaan pithrus tharpayami; sarvan pithrus tharpayami;sarva pithru ganams tharpayami;sarva pithru pathnees tharpayami;sarva pithru gana pathnis tharpayami. oorjam vahanthihi amirtham gritham payaha keelaalamparissrutham swadhaastha tharpayathamae pithrun thrupyatha;thrupyatha;thrupyathaha; That is all. These are pithru devathaigal.
when we do this brahmayajnam on avani avittam, the vadhyar says this is not for our previous generations but to soma, yama and agni. yama is the first man to die and go to pitrulokam it seems.

i just referred the book and found the mantram to be like this (some corrections to what Shri gopalan sir gives)-

sOma pitrumaan yamo(a)ngirasvaan agni: kavyavaahanaadaya: yE pitara: taan pitrunstarpayaami, sarvaan pitrunstarpayaami, sarva pitrugaNaanstarpayaami, sarva pitrupatneestarpayaami, sarva pitrugaNapatneestarpayaami| oorjam vahantee: amrutam ghritam paya: keelaalam parisrutam svadhaastha tarpayatu mE pitroon | trupyata trupyata trupyata

My vaadhyaar tells me keelaalam is a sweet drink like amrutam but we don't know anything more about it. the offerings to pitrus is to be sprinkled with this keelaalam.
bramhayagyanga pitrutarpanam


Brahmayagyam is a part of our NityaKarma Ansuhtanam and has to be done without fail after Madhyanikam . AS regards the Pitru Tarpanam part of Brahmayagyam as you have rightly mentioned the same has to be performed only with water every day ( no black til is required ) .

As regards your question if pitru tarpana for vasu rudra aditya purushas can be done without til and with water in daily bramha yagnam ? - I would like to clarify that in our brahmayagyam part we just pray to our Pitrus as part of the pirtru tarpanam and the mantrams in Brahmayagyam cover only pitrus and not vasu rudra aditya purushas which are covered only in Amavasya , Sankramana and Grahana Tarpanams

As regards to your query regarding Varshabdigam , since Brahmayagyam is part of our daily ansuhtanams you can perfom the same after Brahmayagyam and the same is not dependant on any event , since our Shastra's clearly state that the only ritual which a Brahmin is permitted to perform even in case of a death in the family is Sandhyavndanam ( includes - Prataha , Madhyanikam , brahmayagyam and sayam sandhyavandanam) , hence you may continue to perform the same.


There is no tharpanam for ratha sapthami. you have to take bath with sankalpam and with 7 arka leaves and with a few raw rice after having recited the manthram , which is available in ''vratha pooja vidhanam'' book. Then after wearing dry clothes and putting on sacred marks in your forehead you have to do the argyam for surya.

The day after Ratha sapthami comes Bhishmashtami . On the morning of that day , after bath the rite to please Bhishma should be performed by all including those who have their father and mother living. By this , sins of one year are washed off. Argyam deva tharpanam method. Argyam should be performed with raw rice. Mantras are available in the book ''Vradha pooja vidhaanam'' book.
Respected Gopalan Sir,

Could you please provide me with the Bhisma Tarpana Mantra's . Many thanks in advance


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