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Brain Twisters

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Dementia quiz (brain twisters)

first question:
you are a participant in a race. You overtake
the second person. What position are you in?
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

answer : If you answered that you are first,
then you are absolutely wrong! If you overtake the
second person and you take his place, you are in second place!
Try to do better next time.
Now answer the second question,
but don't take as much time as
you took for the first question, ok?

second question:
if you overtake the last person, then you are....?
(scroll down)
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

answer: If you answered that you are second to last, then you are.....
Wrong again. Tell me sunshine, how can you overtake the last person??
I am glad I have no brain. So it can't be twisted eiother. I did not understand either of the answers; too complicated!

Dear Venkat Raman,

You haven't framed your questions properly.

If I overtake the second person, do you think that I will stop there only? Before you got back to write your answer , I had surpassed the first person too. Thus, I became the person in the first (leading) position.

Regarding second question. you never said where I was when you had posed your second question. Presuming I was already in second position from the last, at some point of time after the start, I must have overtaken the last person. Therefore, it is quite possible to maintain that second from the last position, even now.

Thus, I cannot be always wrong.
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I am glad I have no brain. So it can't be twisted eiother. I did not understand either of the answers; too complicated!


You can overtake the second person, only when you are at the third position, O. K. If you overtake him you will be at second position.

Since overtaking is a process where you go ahead of the guy going in front of you, hence you cannot overtake the last person, for doing so you will have to be behind him, i.e. last person in the race and you can not over take yourself.

And Dear Pannvalan, you were not supposed to pass the first man,before answering this question.

When you are Second Last - then how can you overtake a person behind you (the last guy) ?
Dear Venkat,

You never put a condition, that I should stay in the same position/place, once I overtake the person in the second place. You agree that I could have as well overtaken the person at the first place, at that point of time.

As for the second question, all persons must have been at the very same starting point, before the race commenced. Therefore, the person at the last position now, must have been overtaken by everybody else, subsequent to the start of the race.
So, by the time you posed your second question, I had already overtaken him and somewhere ahead. This is what I conveyed.
Now this is not a brain twister where the response time is in seconds But may take days (if you are hearing it for the first time). I have not solved it yet when my friend gave this to me. I find it hard. My interest kindled after I saw the thread 3 or 4 days back though this was given to me long time back

Puzzle You are provided 12 balls and one தராசு (Physical Balance) . One ball is odd among the 12 It either weighs more or less than the 11 other balls. Others are all of same weight You are allowed weighing with the தராசு 3 times only Get the odd ball. I am doing it for the past 3 days with paper pencils etc yet nowhere near it Jambu:ranger:
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I think the puzzle must be - of 12 balls, only one weighs slightly more than the rest. In that case -

Chance No. 1:

Place 6 balls each on left and right side pans of the balance. That pan which goes down contains the heavier ball. Pick up those 6 balls.

Chance No. 2:

Now, place 3 each on either side. One pan will go down. It contains the heavier ball.
Pick those 3 balls from that pan.

Chance No. 3:

Now, put 1 ball each on either side. If both sides are equal, the ball which is kept aside is the odd one. If one pan goes down, that pan contains the heavier ball.

If the odd ball is either heavier or lighter than the rest, the number of chances required will be more.
No. One ball is odd it may be heavier or lighter It is not one ball is heavier as you have assumed. In that situation your observation Chance 1 may be due to one ball being heavier is correct. It may be that one ball may be lighter . In that case the pan which goes up contains the lighter ball This is really a complicated affair Only 3 weighing are allowed. I am doing it for the past 3 or 4 days spending about 2 to 3 hours a day No where near a solution Let us try. Jambu:D
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