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Brahmins & Kula Devatha

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Dear Sri Ramachandranji,

It is a normal feature in this forum that some people do not agree with the views
expressed by others. But quitting does not solve any problem. We are keen to read
the different points of view which enhances our knowledge. So please stay and
continue your thesis. I am also searching my kula deivam , but my post of today is in a
different but similar thread. You are denying me the benefit of your knowledge,which you
have accumulated over a period of time . Thanks and ponder over it.
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I'm a Tamil Smartha and my Kula Devatham is Sri Swaminatha Swami of Swamimalai, but I'll be adopting Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam or Kumbakonam Ramaswamy(Ramabhirama) as my Kula-devam. One can change one's Kula-devam but not the gotra or Veda. Tallapakkam Annamacharya was born a Telugu Smartha but so great was his devotion to Lord Srinivasa of Tirupathi that he embraced Sri Vaishnavism at Ahobilam and adopted Lord Venkateswara as his Ishta and Kula Devatha.
Dear Raga

Am sorry to ask this, if you like a person much better than your father or mother, you will step down your father and mother and started consider these 2 new people as your parents? If your answer is "yes" well you can proceed very well with "ramabhirama or krishnabhikrishna" No issues at all. A word for you. They all can be just your "Abhimana devatha" certainly they are not your kuladevatha. Kuladevatha is like a posting of responsibility, which cannot be given to whatever god we likes.

Dear Raga

Am sorry to ask this..........you can proceed very well with "ramabhirama or krishnabhikrishna" No issues at all.........cannot be given to whatever god we likes.

It's Shri Durgadasan's ingrained habit to mock devotees of Lord Vishnu and Hari Namavali and ultimately the Lord himself. It's my personal choice if I adopt a certain diety as my Kula-devatha, me loving or not loving my parents has nothing to do with this. If there are others who've done so ie adopted another diety as their kula-devatha , they can share their experiences in this thread.
Dear Raga

Certainly am not mocking any devotees. If you are very strict that only hari namavali gives moksha, wont the namavali of subramanya (Shri swaminatha swami) wont gives that??? Initially itself, I apologise and then only asked that, it is mainly to note the seriousness of the issue. There are lot of differences between kuladevatha and isthadevatha. You might be having n number of ishtadevatha or even one. (In your case "perumal", but certainly your kuladevatha is the one who has originally with your forefathers' worship (swaminatha). Am not descriminating any gods or goddess. Infact my kuladevatha is "ayyanar" in a small village amidst of farmlands. But I love goddess "durga" and even changed my name as "durgadasan". But certianly my kuladeivam is that ayyanar only. Tell me how can I change that as I wish. Then the whole concept of kuladevatha itself will die.

See in our community, a sampradaya of "Samaradhana" will be done for Kuladevatha. It is very famous for people having SWAMINATHASWAMI. I know well that. If you keep on changing this to some other god, what will be the situation/rights to this particular kuladevatha then???

Finally after few generations, our successors will be wrongly guided and they have to seek the help of some astrologer or mandhrik to search their original kuladevatha for remedial measures. But am damn sure that your kuladevatha will bless even under that condition, since it is like your own parents. Whether you part them or ill treat them, they live for you. That is the nature of kuladevatha also.

Why am saying this much intensed about this is, two of my friends who lost their kuladevatha has lost their lives itself. Am not saying this just as story sake.

Finally, even in your post, what you have requested, "If there are others who've done so ie adopted another diety as their kula-devatha , they can share their experiences in this thread"

Am sure that you know the difference between adopting and parenting...


Once again am sorry if my post hurts you in anyway. But please keep your deity with yourself. Atleast dont pass that to your next generation. Show them and teach them your actual kuladevatha.
Dear Sri Durgadasan,

Calm down! Chant 'Jai Matadi' or 'Jai Ma Bhavani'! This is only a thought that I wanted to share. I haven't given up on my Kula-devatha, and still visit Swamimalai every year or two with my parents. But I do know of some great saints who've adopted other major Vedic deities as their Kula-devatha. Shri Thyagaraja declared time and again in his songs that Lord Rama was his family treasure(Kula Vibushana/Kula Dhanam). Smarthas mostly don't get Lord Rama as their Kula-Devatha. I already mentioned Saint Annamacharya.

Why visit stupid mantriks and sex-obsessed Tantriks and Loukika fraudulent astrologers to know your Kula-Devam?

Visit Jagadguru Shankaracharya at Sringeri or Kanchipuram, Tridandi Swamins at Ahobilam or Parakela mutt or the Madhva Swamis at Udupi to know your Kula-Devam, if you are a Smartha, Sri Vaishnava or Madhva!

Ithi Narayana smaranam!
are there anyone belonging to pouragutsa gothram asthasasthram native of ambasamudram? because we are in confusion of our kula deivam and we are in search of our 'dayathis'.
to find ishta devatha thru horoscope i have heard,but never kula devatha.as kulam pertains to ancestral hereditary practice.actually confused with your query,shan.

thankyou swanithasharma
i have one more doubt whether to see in husband chart or sons chart
as per your rules it is different for husband and sons and we are confused can we go for prasanna jothidam?
The posting stating that Vaishnavites do not hold to the kula devatha is incorrect. The Presiding Vishnu Deity in the village or town which is the "poorvikam" of a particular family normally becomes the kula devatha of that family. If the temple is very large, it may also be that the family has been loyal to one of Deities or Azhwars enshrined therein. So in Srirangam, one may have Ranganathar as their kuladeivam, Kattu Azhagiya Singar, Dhanvantari, Emperumaanaar, etc. In Triplicane, one can have either Parthasarathy or Azhagiya Singar as the kuladeivam. And so on.
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