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Brahmins deserve an entry in to Guinness Book of Records

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I do Sandhyavandhanam everyday in London (on the banks of River Thames). Every morning I wonder shouldn’t the Brahmins get an entry in to the Guinness Book of Records for using from Astronomy to Zoolatry in their life on day today basis?
1. A for Astronomy is in our blood. The day one was born the parents cast one’s horoscope. When I asked about the stars my dad showed me the Orion constellation and showed me the red star as Arudra (Betelgeuse) and the three stars as Mrigashirsa. Below which the V shaped constellation with red colour Rohini (aldebaran) and twinkling six stars Karthika (Pleiades) are seen. Which culture in the world use astronomy and astrology from the day of their birth till the day of death. So we must be entered in to the book of records for this knowledge.
2. When one gets married the priest shows us the Arundhathi and Vashista stars in the Saptarishi mandala (Known as Ursa Major or Great Bear constellation). To identify it easily, he shows us the Dhruva star (Pole Star). To identify the northern direction he points out the Tri Shanku (Sothern Cross Constellation) in the opposite southern direction.

Now that I live in London I can’t see Tri shanku stars and the Agastya star (Canopus) because I am away from equator and the Southern sky is not visible here. Which culture in the world has this Star watching ceremony in their wedding? So we must be entered in to the Book of Records for our use of astronomy.
3. We are the one who use Panchangam on day to day basis. The eclipses are calculated precisely well in advance. Though other cultures like Sumerians and Babylonians calculated eclipses we are the ones that use it continuously to find out the good and bad. Those Middle Eastern civilizations have become a history now their clay tablets and gods are in museum.
4. A for Arts : Every Brahmin family use arts every day. Whether it is the Kolam (rangoli) or flower garlands to Gods, or singing with Ragas in front of Gods- the art is mingled with our life. No culture in the world uses this as everyday business. Don’t we deserve a place in the Book of Records?
(People want these things in small doses. So I will give you B for Biology tomorrow).
I think the Biology is a given, given that everyone (and everything) is a biological animal. So just by breathing we are using Biology. Perhaps we can move on to C?
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