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Brahmins deserve an entry in to Guinness Book of Records - Part 7

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29. Q for Quest for truth:
Sandhyavandhanam is a proof for Brahmin’s quest for truth. The word BRHMIN has got several meanings: one who has knowledge of god, one who knows god and one who seeks Brahman/God. I will go by the last meaning because two thousand year old Tamil literature has beautifully translated the word as PAARPAAN and ANTHANAN. The meaning is very clear: one who looks inward one who is seer. In the Sandhya , a Brahmin invokes over fifty Gods and 15 Rishis(seers) thrice a day. If the repetitions of God’s names are also taken in to account one will say God’s names hundreds of times. If one recites Gayathri 108 or 1008 times that must be added to the above statistics. The structure of Sandhayvandhanam is amazing. A great genius must have developed this. If one does Sandhayavandhanam that
itself will give him the status of a Brahmin, because he is always seeking Him/Brahman.

30.R for river Narmada : Worship of river Narmada river is included in the Mantra “Narmadayai Nama: It is strange that we have not included the holy Ganges or Sindhu or Saraswathi. It may be due to the Yagna conducted on the banks of Narmada. There is scope for research on this mantra. I hope some intellectual throws more light on this mantra.

31.S for Seven and S for Serpent: Seven is the most sacred number is many religions. Number seven is used more times than any other number in the Indus Valley Civilisation which proves its Hindu origin and religious nature.We repeat Seven Rishis, Seven Chandas and Seven Gods in the mantra ‘Atri,Bruhu......’.
In the above said Narmada mantra the historical clash between the Naga race and the Kuru race is explained. To avenge the death of his father Parikshit, Janamejaya started killing Nagas (euphemistically called serpents).But a sage called Astika stopped that killing and peace prevailed over thereafter. Every day Brahmins recall this 3000 year old historical clash. Who in the world remembers a peace agreement in this way in their daily prayer? That is why I say Brahmins deserve a mention in the Book of Records

32. S for sin and confession: Confession (paava mannippu in Tamil) and atonement are part of Hindu worship. A Brahmin prays for this every day in the mantra Suryascha or Agnnischa mamnyuscha, many kruthebya: paapebyo Rakshanthaam.......

33. S for Sindhudwipa/Indus valley civilisation: Each Hindu mantra has a rishi, chandas and devata. The rishis for Apohista Mayo Bhuva: is Sindhudwipa Rishi-probably a seer from the Indus Valley area. This takes the origin of Sandyavandhana to the Indus valley. The Sandhyavandhana also proves that he Brahmins were original inhabitants of Indus valley. Because from birth to death they use water in all the ceremonies. Even before eating, they sprinkle water around the leaf or plate with a mantra. If they were from any cold area like Central Asia they wouldn’t use water for each and every thing. They would have frozen to death. Brahmin ladies can’t survive without water. If they touch any cooked food they wash their hands. This proves they were from a riverside culture, not from cold areas.
Hi London S,

What happened to your earlier threads? I do not find the other 6 threads with the the same title any where. Where are they gone? I think Mr. Praveen will be able to answer this.
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