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Brahmins deserve an entry in to Guinness Book of Records -part 4

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14.H for Homeopathy: In the olden days Brahmins went from village to village to perform pujas and other ceremonies. They have to drink different types of water from different sources like rivers, wells and tanks. The water contamination gave them a lot of diseases. So they invented ACHAMANAM. Achamanam is sipping water in tiny quantity reciting god’s names. If we drink this way no water infection will affect us. This is the basic principle of Homeopathy: Like cures Likes. If you take the disease causing agents in small quantity that won’t harm your body, because your body develops immunity. Even when they go to temples, they do achamanam first, sprinkle the water on the head and then dip in to water. We must get an entry to the Book of Records for this Homeopathic practice.

15. H for Heritage: Finding your roots has become a craze in the Western countries. Genealogy websites are doing roaring business. Brahmins touch their heads and recite the names of Seven Rishis (Atri, Bruhu, Kutsa, Vashista, Gauthama, Kasyapa, Angirasa) in their daily ritual. Human beings came from these seven rishis/seers. We have been doing this recitation for ages. This practice matches with the latest Western theory that the entire humanity came from seven mothers.

16.H for History is in our blood. No culture in the world has so much historical sense as we have. We even know the cyclical nature of TIME. So we start from Manvatara and finish with Kali yugam, year, month, thithi , star etc. The Manvantara calculation goes back to the time of The Big Bang. We must be entered in to Book of Records for using the History of our earth in our every day puja/prayer.

17. I for Indra: Thousands of years ago our ancestors did worship Indra on the banks of River Saraswathi and Sindhu. Indra is praised in all the four Vedas. He is mentioned as one of the gods of the Tamils in the oldest Tamil book Tolkappiyam. He is later praised in Purananuru and Tirukkural. Brahmins worship Indra every day in their Sandhyavandhanam. When Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian gods have gone in to the window showcases of museums we still worship Indra. Indra’s name is still used in the naming of new born children as Surendran, Rajendran, Mahendran etc. on the subcontinent. Brahmins deserve a reference in the Book of Records for this continuity.

18. I for India is in our blood. Indian constitution begins with the line INDIA ,THAT IS BHARATH. Brahmins use it in their sankalpam. Even when we do a ritual inEurope or USA our priests always start the sankalpa mantra “ Bharatvarshe, Bharata kande.” Brahmins will never forget the holy motherland India (That is Bharat) wherever they go. For this patriotism we must be entered in to the Book of Records
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