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Brahmins deserve an entry in to Guinness Book of Records -part 3

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10. E for Environment: Go to any South Indian temple and you will see one local tree associated with the temple or god. I went to various temples in Madurai. One god was under Neem Tree another god was under Peepal tree (Ficus Religiosa) and main god Sundaresa had a Kadamba tree. The Ganesh was under a Banyan tree (Ficus Indica). Devotees collect Vilva and Tulsi for Puja. Devotees never ever harm these divine plants. Now I know they cared for environment more than the modern man. That is the reason every temple has a particular tree as Sthala Vriksha. We must get an entry in to the Book of records for this knowledge about environmental protection.

11. F for Full circle: When one does Sandhyavandhanam one does a full circle worshipping all the four directions . Which race in the world worship East,South,West and North praying for good news from all the four directions. Perhaps we were the one who discovered clocks and clockwise direction. We do go round temples in clockwise direction. In addition to four directions we add two more up and down and the middle too (aparaya,antharikshaya , Bhumyai nama:) Who in the world worship earth (Bhumi) every day? Don’t we deserve a place in the Book of Records? We show respect to every direction.

12. G for Geography is in our blood: When we do Puja in London or India we always start with a sankalpa (Intention to do.....) and this vow has full geography of the place where we do it. Bharata Varshe, Bharata Kande, Mero: Dakshina Parswe.. etc. Now that I live in London I slightly change it to Mero: uttare parswe. I marvelled at the way our mantas are structured. Which culture in the world says their geographical location when they do the Prayer. Even before the GPS system was invented we used our own GPS and said that we do the puja in this particular place on the earth. What a marvelous and amazing geographical sense we have. We must definitely be in the Book of Records for using geography for our daily rituals.

13. G for Grammar: When we do the Gayatri Japa we do touch our nose and say Gayathri (24 syllables) , Ushnik (28), Anushtub (32), Bruhathi (36), Pankthi (40), Trustub (44), jagathi (48 syllables)–all these are Vedic meters. Grammar for writing poetry-prosody. Who in the world use grammar (prosody) term for worship? Don’t we deserve a place in the Book of Records for using grammar for our daily rituals?
We have everything and yet :popcorn:

we do not prosper by those things! :doh:

I am sure THIS credit we don't have to share with

anyone else in the world! :high5:

We were, we are and we will continue to be

unquestionably unique always!! :hail:
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