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Brahmins deserve an entry in to Guinness Book of Records -part 2

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5. B for Biology is in our blood. Brahmins used to feed ants with some rice in the ant hill every day. I asked the elders why they did this. They told me Brahmins must do Pancha yagna (Five sacrifices) every day and one of them is Bhutayagna (looking after living beings). He told me that was the reason women throw food to the crows every morning and our grandparents giving Agathikeerai to the cows every day. I wondered which culture had this in their day to day life. So we must get an entry in to Book of Records for this Bhutayagna alone.
6. Everyday Brahmin women cleaned the kitchen with fresh cow dung. Now we knew it is a powerful anti bacterial agent. This is the only animal excretion which doesn’t emit any bad smell which can be used even in the kitchen! Once they even drank cow’s urine almost on daily basis knowing that it is a powerful anti bacterial agent. Now we follow this custom only on the day of Punul Kalyanam as Panchakavyam. No animal’s milk is used on a mass scale as cow’s milk which is the closest to mother’s milk. The Brahmins not only domesticated this animal but also classified it as a holy animal. Which culture in the world does this?

7. C for Castes: The status of a Brahmin is not decided by caste alone but by virtues. In the Vedic period ,a born Kshatriya Viswamitra became a Brahmarishi and at last Vashista himself called him a Brahmarishi (Vashistar vaayaal Brahmarishi is a phrase in Tamil equivalent to from the horse mouth in English).The most powerful mantra of all the three Vedas is composed by this Viswamitra. Brahmins recite this mantra every day, This shows Brahmins never bothered about castes, but allowed anyone to become a Brahmin by following virtues and controlling passions. Brahmins were the first to throw the caste barriers in to wind. So they deserve a palce in the Book of Records for this achievement.

8. C for Chemistry in our blood. Elderly people like grandparents are fasting on Ekadasi day and next day they eat only certain type sof food .When I asked them the reason ,they told me that it would soothe the empty stomach. Now I know that they did it because of acidity in the empty stomach, they used Agathi keerai to bring the acidity down. We deserve an entry in to book of records for following chemistry in our day to day life.

9. D for Dreams and Sleep: Psychologists and scholars like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and William Donhoff interpreted dreams from a different angle. But Brahmins knew that dreams can’t be avoided by any one as it happens to everyone during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) we pray every day at the end o f the Sandhyavandhanam to get rid of Dus swpnam ( nightmares, bad dreams) only. Ref Mantra Adhyano deva savita-----.

In Western countries ,proper sleep is a rare commodity. A lot of people are on sleeping pills. We know that sleep is more important than anything and we pray for ‘sayanam cha me’ (good sleep) in Rudram and Chamakam. Who else pray for good dreams and good sleep in their daily prayers. Even if you don’t say Rudram and Chamakam every day, Brahmins in every shiva temple around the world do it for us. Don’t we deserve a place in the Book of records for following it?
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