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Brahmin’s Contribution to Advaitic Philosophy

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Sometimes it has been stated that the Upanishadic doctrine of the unity of the psychic and cosmic spirit is a contribution of the Kshatriya kings like Janaka of Videha, Ashvapati of Kekaya and Ajatashatru of Kashi to ancient Indian metaphysics. This was eloquently championed by Richard Garbe. It is true some of the Brahmin scholars were initiated into the mysteries of the monistic metaphysics by enlightened philosophical idealists who are regarded as Kshatriyas. But this sociological research in to caste based theoretical genesis does not seem convincing.

The monistic metaphysics has its roots in the Dirghatama (R.V.I/164) and the Nasadiya hymns (RV. X/129) of the Rigveda which, there is no evidence to prove, were composed by Kshatriyas. The Kshatriya group specialised in political, administrative and military pursuits. They could not reasonably be expected to have the surplus mental energy to have formulated the doctrine of idealistic metaphysics as a counterpoint of the Kshatriyas against the ritualistic priestly cult of sacrifices. If the Kshatriyas had the intellectual vigour to be the originators of speculative and transcendental metaphysics, why were all the Vedantic commentators, interpreters and exegetes from the times of Baudhayana and Shankara to Sriharsha and Madhusudana only Brahmins?
Gautama Buddha was a mighty intellectual genius but most of the formulators of the Buddhist philosophical schools like Asanga, Vasubhandhu, Maitreya, Nagarjuna, Dignaga and Dharmakirti were Brahmins and not Kshatriyas?

The Gita is said to have been written by Vyasa whose father Parasara was a Brahmin. Neither the Vedantic idealism nor the Samkhya dualism, Bhagawatism and Yoga were ever formulated by Kshatriyas.

From the book “ The Gita in World Literature”


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Dear Sir,

When the topic is Advaita..does it really matter who contributed to it be it Brahmin,Kshatriya,Vaisya, or Sudra?

In Advaita all bodily identification is supposed to ceased to exists.

So the contributor of Advaita Philosophy should be seen as a Jnaana Bodhaka and not by his caste anymore.

The famous Chandala and Adi Shankara episode where Lord Shiva takes the form of a Chandala with 4 dogs is to prove this point.

So if we are talking about Advaita..I feel caste should be left out as the stanza goes:

Na Me Mrityu Shanka Na Me Jati Bhedah
Pita Naiva Me Naiva Mata Na Janma
Na Bandhur Na Mitram Gurur Naiva Shishyah
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham

I do not have fear of death,
as I do not have death.
I have no separation from my true self,
no doubt about my existence,
nor have I discrimination on the basis of birth(caste)
I have no father or mother,
nor did I have a birth.
I am not the relative,
nor the friend,
nor the guru,
nor the disciple.
I am indeed,
That eternal knowing and bliss, auspiciousness and pure consciousness.
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london swaminathan

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Dear Renuka

For a real Adavaiti, even reading Tamilbrahmin. com website is a waste of time.

Tamil saying 'Kandavar Vindilar, Vindavar kandilar' ( Those who have realised Him never talk, Those who talk, has not seen Him) is true. But I fight against people who project themselves as 'scholars'. If we dont fight against their arguments, we will have more DK, DMK, ADMK people/rule though out India. When someone writes rubbish, we have to counter it.

Just to divide Hindus, foreign 'scholars' always project many things as 'Anti Hindu' and praise them. They made divisions between Hindus and Buddhists, Tamils and North Indians, Kshatriayas and Brahmins, Tamil and Sanskrit, Aryan and Dravidian, Village Gods and Arya/temple gods, Arya Rudra Siva and Tamil Siva, Arya Skanda and Tamil Murgan etc. It is a long list.

They made us doubt about all Puranic Indian Kings; as a result we have no kings before Chandra Gupta Maurya!! Till this day we have been reading what the White rulers wrote as Indian History. Our Puranas give 140 generations of kings which was even appreciated by Megasthanes. So it is our duty to tell the truth.
Anti Hindus follow the Goebbels' principle: repeat a lie ten times, it becomes 'truth'!


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Viswamitra, by his sheer effort, became a "Brahma Jnani ". A Jnani is above all the mundane differences , like religion, caste etc.
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