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Brahma muhurta

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According to tradition , BRAHMA MUHURTAM is approx. 1.5 hrs before sunrise
When the devotee rises in this way, they are joined by oyther devotees, in stillness & silence.
In this way the atmosphere around you becomes sacred,Congenial and supportive.
The grace of early morning is "Brahma Muhurtam", meaning "Time of God"
This is a favourable time for sadhana,when most of the world is in deep sleep.
According to Ayurveda The early morning is "SATVAM", during the day is Rajas and Tamas prevails at night.It is traditional to rise early, before the sun rise,to bathe and begin your morning meditation or poojas,all in the sacred atmosphere of Brahma Muhurtam
Before the sun rises the earth is still,the vibrations of many minds in turmoil have yet to be stirred, so that a pure mental ray pervades your surroundings.

---Reproduction of a mail received by me
Above all everyone will be Fresh after a Sleep.Mind will be brisk.Environment will cooperate for Concentration.Thats why a Study in the Early morning will be fixed firm in everyone's mind.
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