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Boss and sub-ordinate

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When the Boss is adamant, we say he is determined.
When the subordinate is determined, we say he is adamant.

When the Boss is arrogant, we say he is assertive.
When the subordinate is assertive, we say he is arrogant.

When the Boss is confused, we say he is tight-lipped.
When the subordinate is tight-lipped, we say he is confused.

When the Boss is indecisive, we say he is exploring various options.
When the subordinate is exploring various options, we say he is indecisive.

When the Boss is miserly, we say he is frugal.
When the subordinate is frugal, we say he is miserly.

When the Boss is oblivious, we say he is too busy.
When the subordinate is too busy, we say he is oblivious.

When the Boss is inexperienced, we say he is full of fresh ideas and energy.
When the subordinate is full of fresh ideas, we say he is inexperienced.

When the Boss is so ignorant, we say he is plain-hearted.
When the subordinate is plain-hearted, we say he is so ignorant.

When the Boss is incompetent, we say he is getting things done.
When the subordinate is getting things done, we say he is incompetent.

When the Boss is antiquated, we say he is too precious.
When the subordinate is too precious, we say he is antiquated.

When the Boss is devious, we say he is treading a novel path.
When the subordinate is treading a novel path, we say he is devious.

When the Boss is an escapist, we say he is good at directing.
When the subordinate is good at directing, we say he is an escapist.
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