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Blogger problem in making new posts

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I have 4 blogspots in Google blogger. For the past week or so I am not able to make any post in any of the blogspots. I get to my blogger dashboard. But then immediately an error code appears (bx-74br4). I went to the help groups and help center. Lots of messages there mentioning the same problem. No solution yet. Does any IT professional in our group know about this and if so how do we solve this problem?
This was posted by someone in their forums.

Tried reverting back to the Old Interface ? The new GUI is no fully perfect and needs to be fixed and blogger is doing it but till then you may have to go back to the old interface if you are issued these error codes.

To revert back to old Interface. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Gear icon on top right corner > Old Blogger Interface >
Yes, I saw that but it doesn't work either. I go to my Blogger dashboard. When I point the cursor at the gear icon it reads "Manage Reading list". When I click it it takes to my Dashboard where I have deliberately introduced my own blog in addition to 2 others I follow. But when I click on my own blog I get to my blog with all the posts. That is it. I can't edit my posts or do a new post. When I click either operation it just goes to blank screen and stays there forever. There is a "send feedback" at the lower right corner of that blank screen but it does not do any good either. I wonder why nobody notices this in google in spite of so many messages to the help center.
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