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here is one of the articles posted in my site long time back, critics welcome with healthy comments not pessimism, it should not be like a saying in my vernacular language, "sweet payasam has a stone in it" so lets not become the stone.

The Center of This Universe with its limits and intricate imperishable ones

Well, when I am writing these words or lines I am taking its dimensions of the energy,time,space,matter and later to the topic which is out of time, space, energy and which is imperishable.

Our universe created out of big bang as advocated in the theory of cosmologists has a destruction. This is due to the fact that anything created ought to be destroyed. Everything goes in the form of cycles or circles. What is the center of the these cycles and circles? What is the basis of the action the word which we use more common than any one ?

Action the word literally means doing a change to achieve some results. But in a rationalist view all these actions are nothing but transfer of energy into mass or mass into energy or matter of form to another form. So action as a whole is just transformation. So if anyone said I invented or discovered something its is a blunder in a rationalist view as he has not created anything new, only he has revealed a thing which was in the nature and just bought that object into his as well as our consciousness and intelligence. So all our contributions towards creation of knowledge has been just a mere increase in our consciousness.

So action is just not existing and is just a transformation. The matter that was constricted to a minimum level exploded in the start of the universe. Thus it is evident from the same logical argument that the universe has to constrict again to tits original size before the big bang.

Well, people do consider these things as mind blogging and as something not applicable to them. But it is their pure ignorance that a thing which is continuing in a circle will have a state of supreme and one imperishable one at its center.

The one and only point to escape from any circle is to go to its center. There is no point outside this circle because the whole circle itself is the universe and we do not have existence once we go out of the universe or the circle.

Time said to be the infinite in one view is just finite if we look at the circles of the universe.

So from all the above arguments we do find that the consciousness we have of this universe is limited. We do se matter all the time but never admit that it is constantly changing. If everything is changing what is the one that does not change?

If anything that does not changes ought to have no birth!. Strange it might sound. Because if birth is there the death is inevitable. So if anything of imperishability ought to have no birth.

What is birth? Birth is the start of the repeating cycle after one of its point called as death. What could be the point of imperishability then?

Rationally we can get only a few information about it as the consciousness we have is limited and we are going to search for a thing that is beyond time, matter, energy, and universal scales. So logic has only a limited scope. So our first circle of birth and death is over. Also due to this time scale is also not applicable.

Next are the dimensions namely matter and energy. We do see that both of these are changing or changeable.

So our point of center in all these circles is above these dimensions and so we have ruled out matter and energy.

Now I am coming to the crux of all the centers of all these circles.

Center of all these circles. One thing we have understood is that it is the supreme consciousness. It is the master of matter, mass, energy, time, body, mind, intellect and everything which is changing.

All I can derive is its characteristics and some nature of how it could be. But to know it is a daunting task. But once you know it you are the supreme consciousness and is the matter of all the above mentioned changing things.

The methods to arrive at this supreme consciousness are infinite as we are searching for the center of the many infinite circles. Methods to reach the supreme consciousness will be arrived with the help of real life experiences. No classification can be done as classification means there are differences. But we are searching the center of all the cycles. There can be classification on the methods as the center is the same.

Thank you

Not open for further replies.

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