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Black Magic & Evil Spirits

Beware, harmful acts, black magic a crime now
By Express News Service
BENGALURU: The state government on Wednesday notified the Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Inhumane Evil Practices and Black Magic Act 2017, popularly referred to as the Anti-Superstition Act.
A formal notification issued by the social welfare department states that the act came into force on January 4, 2020 after the Governor assented to the act.

In all, the act bans 16 acts which harm other people in the name of witchcraft, black magic, superstition, etc. Anyone convicted of offences under this act could be jailed, or fined, or both under various IPC sections including Section 302 (murder) and section 307 (attempt to murder) 308 (abetment to suicide).
The anti-superstition act was passed in the state assembly during Siddaramaiah’s tenure as chief minister amid heavy opposition from the BJP which had then claimed that the act was anti-Hindu.

The Siddaramaiah government clarified that the act would not apply to religious practices but would penalise people who cause physical harm to people and animals in the name of black magic and superstition. The Act does not interfere with religious acts such as circumambulation or parikrama, performed at any religious or spiritual place Harikatha, Keerthana, Pravachana, Bhajana, Prayers and religious rituals at home, temple, dargha, gurudwaraand church.

Any inhuman, evil act and black magic acts organised in search of treasure in the name witchcraft or assaulting any person, parading someone naked, banning their daily activities instigate/encourage others to commit such acts assaulting, tying with rope or chain, beating people with sticks or whipping people forcing people to inhale chilli smoke inflicting burn injuries forcing a person to perform sexual acts in the open forcing people to consume urine or excreta.

Vannakam Namaste Namaskaram

I seek help with mantras , procedures and pujas with removal of black magic and evil spirits from a home and person.

Mikka nandri
Only saw this today.
I am no expert but I was seeing a Sufi video where the Sheikh was addressing the same issue of evil and black magic.

He gave these steps:

1) Black magic/ evil exists but do not focus on worrying how to remove it by going to someone who claims to be able to remove this black magic.
He said the problem would get worse because you could be misled to all sorts of rituals which drains you of your money and peace of mind.

2) Do not plot revenge.
Accept the occurance of black magic as a phase we are meant to experience.
The person who did the black magic will face the results of his deeds too.

3) We should increase our spiritual armour, thats the only way we can subdue and eventually remove the effect of the black magic.
Daily pray at home.
Since the Sheikh was muslim sufi he recommended 5x a day prayer for Muslims.

But since you are Hindu kindly pray at least 2x at dawn and at dusk..I would modify what was said in the sufi video to suit a Hindu lifestyle.

Play religious songs at home.
Lessen watching TV serials that affect our mind with constant fights in the series.
Go to temple at least once a week with family.

Create a holy atmosphere at home.
Increase religious knowledge.
Read some religious books.

Wear some religious symbol on the body eg AUM.

Also the Sheikh said to clear the house of old stuff, create space.
Donate money and food to orphans and less fortunate especially disabled person.

I am pasting Narasimha Kavacham below.
You may learn to recite it or at least play it at your home and leave the rest to God.

If you are still in the effects of black magic kindly let me know. I can help you. No fee, no rituals nothiñg
If you are still in the effects of black magic kindly let me know. I can help you. No fee, no rituals nothiñg
I am looking for help to get rid of Black magic effects. Looking for your reply asap...
Thanks and Regards,
True liberation will be when you know there are no black magic and no evil spirits except those arising in the mind. There are only 6 enemies and they are internal - desire, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and jealousy. Delusion of the mind brings ideas of evil spirits. These are not my views but the teachings of Gita.
Black magic - Soonyam, as its called in Tamil - is difficult to remove and not many would be prepared to do it. And, from personal experience, very often, the grha doshas help in the hold it has on one's person / family / home. A bad period due to various aspects of the planets in one's jaatakam, will facilitate the hold Soonyam has. An abiding and deep faith in your personal God / prayers to your Kula Deivam / and sometimes various homams and Japams - these need to be decided by a person of eminent knowledge in the Parihaarams,etc. should help. Its not easy - and there is no short cut !!!

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