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BJP / RSS : Split the parties into BJP (Liberal) & RSS (Liberal) Now !!

BJP / RSS : Split the parties into BJP (Liberal) & RSS (Liberal) Now !!

The country led by BJP govt is truly at the tipping point with massive anger sweeping the Indian secular, liberal, minority groups. The continued hate rhetoric, lynchings, gau rakshak vigilantism, etc.. by many sundry groups and leaders over the last many years has led to such massive outpouring.

The time has come for BJP and RSS to revaluate their strategy and split the parties into BJP Liberal, and RSS Liberal groups and truly adopt and live the eternal Hindu way of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam. This is the only way you can send a message to all groups that you will not tolerate any anti Muslim rhetoric and fights within the file and ranks of its organisations.

Given the current context, history, divisive fights like Babri demolition, etc..there is NO way, the existing BJP and RSS can have any credibility in building bridges with the minorities Muslims.

RSS secular must also come up with a new liberal inclusive ideology befitting a 2020 India, not rely on 1900s divisive ideology. And they have to build love not hate among all communities.

Both these groups must also induct Muslims and Christians into their organisation and walk the talk.

There is no other way to move forward with the current ruling dispensation and its acrimonious history and their many renegade groups.
Both the leaders Modi and Mohan Bagwat have an extraordinary opportunity in this mega crisis to script new history and lead the country to a strong liberal inclusive democracy and etch their names and legacy forever.

The big question is can they do it ? Are they first willing to forget their past and script completely new chapters ?

The nation awaits how this massive standoff ends - !!

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