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Big Fat Wedding

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Any views on the big fat Abhi-Ash wedding ?

Marriage is a personal affair ofcourse & perhaps a statement of the lifestyle platform one belongs to.

How should this be viewed then ?

Have money ? Spend the way you want !!! Or should there be a thought at all about putting the money to more productive (pun unintended) purposes.

How austere should the ultra rich be ?

Also is there any justification for the media to devote so much of airtime, printspace on what is perhaps the ~2.50 x 10^32 nd wedding on the Planet.

Importantly is this want the readers want ?

Also are the celebrities justified in inconveniencing the public at large ?
Hari, These are my views and my views alone.

Gone are the days when a marriage of 2 people effected the society at large. Now a days marriage is a personal affair and in this westernising world more of a Contract than a compromise or union of two who are in love. As for what I have seen in the Western or eastern part of this world, things are changing and we have to accept change, as it is the only thing in this world that is constant.

Having said that, I really do not care much about their union or their spending, after having read about the amount spent by an Indian born UK billionare for his daughter's wedding.

Frankly speaking, I would agree to their private and lesser guest policy, but do not buy into the whole spending, on their garments and what not, which they are going to wear/use for one day or maybe few hours.

Weddings in India, you should understand is a big deal to the girl's family and in this case the Amitab's family. They have the money to flaunt and they are doing just that. You, me or anyone else in this forum has no say in it, as it is not our money.

Unlike the wedding we saw in TN 10 or 12 years ago, when there was this huge parade with gas lanterns and huge wedding halls created, which created a public nuisance, this seems to be private and within their house, so we should not intrude into their lives.

Having said this, many in our forum might disagree and might have interest into their spending. I will leave it up to them to voice their opinions.

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