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Bhimaratha Santhi

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My father would be completing 69 years of age as of Oct 2011. My family Saastrigal says that Bheemarathasanthi should be performed at the time of completion of 70th birthday. However, few of my other friends (including Vaideekas) are saying that the function has to be done at the time of completion of 69th birthday. I am confused.

(i have also read the other thread on the same subject which says that 72 is the correct age.)

Please advice.

Warm regards,
on the janma nakshathram day of 60th year begining (59 over) ugra radha shanthi must be done. sixty years over 61 year started on janma nakshathram day shasti abdapoorthy shanthi must be done. 69 years over. 70th year starts on janma nakshathra tamil month and birth star day .. Do Bhima ratha shanthi.

on the 77 years 7 months and 7 days day you have to do Vijaya ratha shanthy. On the end of 83 years sadabishekam must be done. on the end of 100 years and begining of 101 year kanakaabishekam must be done.

Taken from Rudra Ekaadasini book written,compiled,designed and published by R SRIDHRAN. managing trustee swarnapuri trust plot no T-7 1st cross 46th street Nanganallur chennai 600061. land line phone 22321616. email [email protected] and www.swarnapuri.org.Third edition book on 24-6-2004.

I have given deailed information about rudra ekadasini and shasti abda poothy (Arupatham kalyanam) in Rituals pooja and cereminies thread about arubatham kalyanam .vide previous pages. The same thing for 60th 70th and 80 th abdha poorthy function.
In the 9th page for aruvatham kalyanam to do required I have given all details.in the same thread Rituals poojas and ceremonies. For bhima ratha santhi also the same rudra ekadasini and on the next day that is on the 70th birth star day Bhima ratha shanthi must be done. No Thirumangalya dhaaranam for this Bhima ratha shanthi. All others are same.

I bought this rudra ekadasini book from giri trading agency. In page no. 30 in his book rudra ekadasini the author has compiled from various sources old books like "SHANTHI KUSUMAKARAM' old grantha libi book etc;In page no. 4 also i have written about this.
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