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Bhakthi is one of the most widely recognised religious sentiments in all major religions of the
universe.In sanatana dharma,it origin can be traced to the Rigveda.Though the Upanishads are
mainly devoted to Janana, the doctrine of grace is found in some statements.In Bhagavadgita,Bhakthi has been dealt with extensively.
Treatises specially devoted to the doctrine of Bhakthi have also appeared:-
Shaandilya Bhakthi Sootras, Naarada Bhakthi Sootras, Naarada Pancha Raatra, Bhakthi Rasayana,
Bhakthi Rasaamritha Sindhu etc, etc.
The cardinal principle is that He cannot be apprehended either by senses or intellect,but it is
possible only by devotion to Him- THE SUPREME. Bhakthi is open to all without exception and is easier than either the Jnaana Marga, Karma or the Yoga Marga.
Bhakthi could be Saatvika,Raajsika or Taamasika.It could be of the aara(the afflicted)
Arthaarti (seeking worldly gains),Jijnaasu (inquirer of truth) jnaani (the enlightened) It could be classified on the attitude of the devotee- SHAANTA,DAASYA,SAKHYA,VAATSALYA & MADHURA

The moral and spiritual disciplines expected of a devotee are- Avoiding Evil Company and cultivating Holy Company,detachment towards Worldly Pleasures,giving up Evil actions and those motivated by selfish desires, performing one's duties as worshipping God etc.,
Listening to slokas in praise of the Almighty,Ritualistic worship,repetition of Divine names,dedicating the fruits of actions to Godand an attitude of utter surrender to God are different forms in Bhakthi
There is no stopping fot the Bhaktha to lead an active life in the World.He should have Viveka,Vimoka(freedom from desire),Abhyaasa,Kriyaa(Good acts),Kalyaana, Anavasaada (cheerfulness) and Anuddharsha (absence of hilarity)
Not open for further replies.

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