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Bhajans at home

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Dear friends


I am in Saudi Arabia. We lack any kind of poojas or temples here. So my friends are asking me to start bhajans at home.

Is anyone doing bhajans at home like singing tamil songs and also chanting sanskrit mantras.

Also I need "jothi jothi jothi suyam" song full lyrics while showing harathi to god.

Can someone help me do this punya kariyam-what's the procedure to start and end. because this is for all gods and not any particular swami.

Thanks in advance

uma bala.
First lit a kuthuvilaku. first start with janaki kantha smaranam ;;;;; jaijai rama rama namah parvathi pathaye harahara mahadeva gopika jeevana smaranam;; govinda govinda; jai sathguru swami ki jai; jai pundarika varadha hari vittala; jai anjaneya moorthi ki jai; sarvathra govinda nama sangeerthanam; govinda govinda ;Guru sthuthi sridhara ayyaval; bodhendrar; adhi sankarar;raghavendrar;dakshinamoorthi; then ganapathy then all gods as you like then finish it with hanuman neivedhyam; karpoora aarthi ; asathoma jyothir gamayaetc; prasadam viniyogam.

In the year 1945-46 my grandmother used to do like this when i was very young; Now you may buy one book from Giri trading agency pvt.ltd; on online Praacheena sambradaya harihara bhajan manjari compiled by k.v.venkataramani baghavathar and published by giri trading. Giritrading.com-Exporters of pooja and temple items, books on Hinduism, Carnatic Music cassettes and CDs from India

Feel free to ask any doubts.
thank u sir
we r actually doing it with slokas now. i start with "vakrathunda mahakaya" and end with harathi in tamil.
whether we hv to take any sangalpam before starting or only this sloka is enough?
we r reciting slokas for shiva, venkatesa, murugan and amman at last we sing tamil songs and end/ is this the right way to do it? or any change is required?/
No sangalpam is required.No change is required. only if time permits you may add navagraha stothram; kanakadhara stothram, dakshinamoorthy sthothram ramar krishnar and hanumar.Wishing you all every success and happy new year. Neivedhyam is a must. put some kajjury fruit (DATES) for neivedhyam.or if possible sundal may be prepared and distributed. If it creates any problem there 2 dates for neivedehyam is enough.
thanks for the detailed response and also new year wishes. I also wish u the same.

yes. we r chanting navagraha stothram and hanumar. can we do gayatri mantram -9 times chanting and harathi at the end of the pooja? We will try to recite one long sthothram every week, as already we r doing this for 1 hour.

Definitely we r offering neivedhyam dates mixed with honey,etc and whatever is possible by us.

we will follow your valuable guidance whenever we hv doubts.
also advice me what is the best method for reciting vishnu sahasranamam?
can we recite alongwith the cd? we hv selected saturday morning to do this. whether special pooja required during this day or offering to lord venkatesa?
Hindu dharma sastram says only males must chant gayathri manthram. ladies can chant gayathri kavacham. gayathri hridayam gayathri sthothram.
Vishnu sahasranamam is not vedam so you can recite along with cd for some days; learn it byheart then you can recite . no special pooja or offering is required to recite vishnu sahasranamam.
As per Dharma Sastra's "Prathi Dwani" has no Value("Prathi dwnai means - Recorded sound or echo ). SO I would Suggest to identify one who had studied Vishnu sahasranamam from his parents or some elders. For some weeks till you get by heart the sloka , ask him to proceed with line by line and you people can follow by chanting next to him . Then after you got it by heart you can go for joint chanting.

Ram Krishna Hari!! Panduranga Hari!!
Hi I am Ramprakash sastrigal from Bangalore

We DHARAMSASTHA BAHAJANA MANDALI consists of 15 members perform SERVICE of chanting vishnu sahasranamam and namasankeerthanam in all weekends. So many of them are willing to have this spirutal event in there houses. If you are intrested to have this in your house. Please contact the below mentioned person. Please refer to your friends and relatives.

09901458286 / 7760533268
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