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Bhagavad Gita Saram in Tamil

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Thank you so much for this document. This will create awareness to every body though i belong to different caste. I am proud to learn and follow this.
There is a small book containing very few verses giving the gist of Gita
in tamil which is titled Gitasaara thaalattu. You can read it. It is available
in the book shops or if you dont get it look for it in DLI
Originally Swamy AaLavanthAr/YamunAchArya blessed us with the SrI Sookthi known as “GeethArtha
Sangraham” in Sanskrit. That contains the essence of Lord PaarthasArathy's upadEsam to
us, using ArjunA as a vyAjam at KurukshEthram.

AchArya RaamAnuja wrote a commentary for that SrI Sookthi (SrI GeethA BhAshyam) in
Sanskrit to make sure that the meanings housed in Swamy AaLavanthAr's SrI Sookthi are
preserved without any distortions.
Hindu Religious Philosophy 4/4 - YouTube

Swamy Desikan followed the foot steps of AchArya RaamAnuja and blessed us with his
Tamil Prabhandham called GeethArTa Sangraham for us to become conversant with the
quintessence of SrImath Bhagavath GeethA.

All the Tamil Paasurams of GeethArTa Sangraham are set in KattaLai KalitthuRai meter and
detailed in this link:


I would like to add some interestering discourses (in tamil) on Gita Bhasyam.
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Absolute ignorance will vanish once a person reads through the above and watches the masterpieces
given by you. Thank you very much. I have generally read only about Bhagavad Gita stating that it gives the
true essence of all Upanishads. I too have read that the Gita has influenced some of the Americans too.
And also one will be freed from all fears in this life and one's next life will be certainly spiritual. From this one
could easily understand that every activity of a human being cannot be considered as success unless he/she
trys to find out about the nature of the Absolute. Thank you for the nice inputs.

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