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Beeja Mandram - According to all Rasi

A person who regularly chants his Rashi's Beej Mantra feels invigorated with renewed energy and motivation. Normally, these Rashi Mantras are to be chanted 11 or 108 or 1008 times.

Mesham - Om Aing Kleeng Sauh
Rishabam - Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng
Mithunam - Om Shreeng Aing Sauh
Kadagam - Om Aing Kleeng Shreeng
Simham - Om Hreeng Shreeng Sauh
Kanni - Om Shreeng Aing Sauh
Thulam - Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng
Viruchigam - Om Aing Kleeng Sauh
Dhanusu - Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh
Magaram - Om Aing Kleeng Hreeng Shreeng Sauh
Kumbam - Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shreeng
Meenam - Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh

(Source: www.vedicrishi.in)

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