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Become like Children..


Active member
I dedicate these thoughts for those Christian friends celebrating Christmas

Not just our body, our thoughts too

Become older and older as times move
Like a slate filled with all the scribble
Space for new learning remains a little

Our acquired traits become our blinkers
Pride, Prejudice, Anger, Jealousy lingers
Few thought-paths remain to be chosen
Our ideas become more and more frozen

Child is the father of the man they say
Becoming child again is the only way
Be Open, Yourself, Humble and Hungry
Trust, Seek, Learn and Swing free

Change yourself ; Become like Children
Expand and Experience the communion
The Heavens manifest on Earth anew
When that child is born deep inside you..

Celebrate the Child that is born today
Let the emotions, biases of past give way
Let that Child be born in every Heart
Let our lives have a great new start..

Happy Christmas



Well-known member
Beautiful poem[FONT=&quot]

[FONT=&quot]I think one should be careful what you wish for or think you want because once it happens and you get it and you're not happy with it, you can't un-ring the bell (or put the genie back in the bottle.[/FONT]