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beautiful songs

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I love to listen to Carnatic music, there is nothing like Varali family, and Subha Pantuvarali is the best.

But there is a world of other music out there and with the magic of internet is just a few clicks away.

The most recent one I found very moving is one called Way to Heaven by a South Korean singer Jang Sa-ik. Here it is, and I promise, you will be go to heaven and be back.

Video | World Music: Jang Sa-ik, "The Way to Heaven" | Link TV

Enjoy ....
The way to Heaven is Silky. Fantastic காவா வா கந்தா வாவா இப்பாடலை தமிழ் திரை திருடாமல் காவா வா . Jambu:music:
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wonderful: what a range of voice! and, the ease: comparable to Mohd Rafi! thank you v much for posting&sharing. regards, cheers: rj
J'Mani-ji: the wonderful songs you have put up in your posts, are all lovely songs, great music: i wish to add to that quite a few, chief among them "malai pozhuthinile oru naal..." (MS, composed by Kalki Ra. Krishnamoorthy), "EnnaKavi Padinaalum...." (ArunaSairam, MaduraiSomu, both have touched the soul of the song, soul of the light raagam, neelamani!), "Karunaideivame karpakame...." (PriyaSis), "Manadirkugandathu Murugan roopam...." (PriyaSis, Sanjay): cheers, rj
nice thread. here is a fantastic rendering of lalgudi thillana by o.s.arun

YouTube - O.S.Arun - bAgEsri - tillana (Lalgudi Jayaraman)

i appreciate carnatic music by the tunes. not out of any deep knowledge. i had heard lalgudi play this. this is the first time i am hearing lalgudi thillana sung vocally. but what lovvved most was that towards the end, arun dispersed of the tune with a tamil hymn.

folks, i have always felt that carnatic music needs to spread out of its cocoon of elitistic property of tamil brahmins, which it has become only of past 75 years or so. let us sing more tamil songs which is the true mother of carnatic music. also let us urge to bring back those pillais, naidus and other erstwhile greats who appear to have shunned it in the face of our aggressive promotion of the trimurtis.
Dear sir,
Thanks for your views and sharing.
It seems that you are harping on the same issue again. The greatness of the musical trinity-- heart melting devotion, mastery of ragas and language, prolific output,scholarly,-- is well known and they will continue to hold their unique place in the great carnatic music. They do not require any promotion and this statement is a stunner.

I had mentioned in other thread that tamil music was promoted, patronized by us and we were second to none in this. Classical music requires daily sathagams, utmost dedication, sincerity and total involvement. It is no joke to sing for three to four hours in a concert platform covering various ragas and covering wide range of songs. We must be proud of the present day musicians for carrying forward the great legacy of classical music till date.

If others do not show interest, how can we be blamed. Who is stopping whom here. Those who are interested should take the initiative & excel. Regarding others, their yesteryear greats were singing, performing , accompanying for trinity compositions only
& language was never a barrier for them like us.

There should be no second thought in singing more tamizh songs and popularsing them and that is being done now. I would request you to not jump at every opportunity to blame us and rather be appreciative when it is rightfully due.
RaghuvamsaSudha......, kadanakuthoohalam, is a an instant energy tonic! MS brings out the beauty and rhythmic grace of the krithi&raagam, in her rendering (YouTube): and, then quite a few others, like MandolineSreenivas : if one could reminisce a bit, FluteMali with TNKrishnan, for two 'seasons', charmed listeners with a fantastic treatment of RaghuvamsaSudha...., around 1956/57 (my early school days), we listened in SeshadriPark maidan once, like it says in last line of "theeratha vilayattu pillai"!), 'kallal mayangiyathu pole, kan moodi vay thiranthe, kettu ninrom'!! thank you very much for posting RaghuvamsaSudha! thank you v much for this thread, too, j'mani-ji! - cheers, rj
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