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Banana republic

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if you can refer us to the journal's url, we might be able to understand the context.

to term a country is not a complement.

banana republics are those small central american countries like guatemala, nicarague, costa-rica etc. whose sole crop is banana.

this banana is exported to the usa on a preferential tariff.

the large banana plantations which comprised of whole of the land mass was owned previously by one u.s. company called united fruit company.

this company was so powerful, that it could select the rulers and depose the ones that it did not like. this was the worst example of capitalist imperialism.

the workers who tended to the banana trees were paid a pittance while the u.s. public got cheap bananas.

things have not improved much these days either.

india is too big and too diversified to be called a banana republic. i would be very interested to read this article.
....One German Business daily wrote an editorial on India "India becoming a Banana Republic instead of an economic superpower"

Banana republic typically refers to countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and other central American countries dependent on limited agriculture exports like bananas, and politically controlled by foreign corporations like Chiquita Banana company.

India increasingly becoming dependent on the Americans and also behaving generally like a sidekick for U.S. is making them look more and more like a banana republic to the American interests.

Banana Republic is also an American clothing store chain.


i could not link it. and i searched for mohan murali in the web edition and couldnot find him.

anyway, it does not matter. i do not agree with nara that india is becoming a banana republic.
chee chee indians are not corrupt,we just grease things to make things move smoothly from bottom to top levels in all over life in india.of course bannanas are good for easing many constipated cases too.
Dear Friends,
Are we to blame the present generation for corruption? What is corruption? It is only to give or do some favour to a person who is our admirer/follower or who pleases us (with cash/kind/pleasure). Was not this happening from time immemorial. The most dangerous asura will pray for years and please Gods to get favourable VARAMS.and the God who is supposed to know present past and future will give them VARAMS and run for his/her own safetyor ask some other to help him get rid of the problem.
We can also see from our Puranams and history and which continues till date that the person who does corruption lives happily (as seen by us) till end. Even in filims we can see that the VILLANS who does all corruption/rape/murder etc lives happily and enjoys life till the end of filimylife and only for the last 10/15 minutes he is humiliated and ends life (get murdered) or goes to prison.
Hero who goes after all humiliation and working hard uplifting principles succeeds in the end and as and when he is fulfilling his dreams the filim ends (true reflection of present day life is it not?)
I agree with this article 100%. Corruption is so monumental that it permeates every walk of life. One thing I will not agree is the have-nots will hit the street. Before they hit the street, they will be given a share of the loot. So you have corrupt cops, corrupt government clerks, corrupt judiciary and so on. And to top it all Indians suffer from delusions of grandeur. When I saw Chidambaram smiling to say that he is proud of our judiciary system which convicted a Ajmal Kasab, I felt disgusted. What is so proud of convicting someone caught red-handed on camera with a gun and thousands of witnesses around? What about the millions of cases pending in the court and people languishing for justice? And just hearing Manmohan saying the same things over and over again in his weak voice drives me even more insane. The latest press conference from him was a big farce. I don't like this guy Rajdeep Sardesai but for once he has asked pertinent questions below

IBNLive : Rajdeep Sardesai's Blog : An open letter to Manmohan Singh
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