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Balaji Mandir

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Dear Friends,
This is the msg I want to share with you all.
Recently I had been to PUNE and from there to meet my son at Baramati.
We engaged a Taxi from Pune to Baramati.
Just on entering my wife started taking about various Temples in and around Pune.
The Taxi driver asked me are we interested in visiting a New Temple on the way to Baramati .
My wife immediatly agreed and The Taxi Driver took us to a place called NARAYANPUR near Saswad. ( about 50 kms from Pune ).
There we went to the Balaji Mandir Just replica of Thirupathi Temple.
I have visited Thirupathi on several occassion and with all those push and other things i used to get a strange feeling ( like mei silirpu ). Similar one I experienced at this temple too.
The one and only difference I could see here was no Big rush, No jarugandi push etc.
It takes hardly half a day from pune for to and fro to this place.
After this the Taxi driver took us to a place called JEJURI, which is again on the way to Baramati from
Here the Shivji temple on the hill top and inside a Fort is just great.
Here the termaric powder ( Manja podi ) is just thrown in the entire temple not in terms of Kgs but in terms of Tons.
Visit to these two places from Pune by taxi is possible in 8 to 10 hrs.
Next time if you happen to go to pune and have a day to spare, please visit these places and mail me your experience.

what is the significance of the turmeric powder? what is the story behind it? there must be one. no?

Dear Sir,
The History of the Jejuri Shiva temple starts 400 years back.
This Temple and Fort were constructed by Chatrapathy Shivaji's Son.
The painting there also indicates that Shivaji Maharaj paid 1 Crore 50 Lakhs to his son for constructing this Temple and Fort.
This is considered as Kula Deivam for most of the Maharashtrians.
Cutting across the Caste all maharashtrians immediatly after marriage , the newly married couple is made to visit this temple before beginning their life together. ( Even Shanti Muhurtham is after this visit ).
As we hindus consider Manjal as one of the mangala item , just because some caste wears Sindur some other caste wears Kungumam and all that. But Manjal and Manjal podi is common mangala item to all the communities.
This could be the reason. ( I have narrated whatever I heard from the Poojari at this temple.) He told me in Marati and with little l marati Knowledge I could grab this. This may be partly correct and partly incorrect. Some of our friends with good marrati Knowledge can explain this after visiting this Temple.
But one thing is certain wherever You could see inside the Temple it is only Manjal Podi, The walls, floor the persons working there and on the Forehead and head of the persons after Darshan.
I made up my mind to make dharsan to the temple, when I get chance to go to Pune.
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