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Bad American Ideas Are Worse in India

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Great minds in business and government assembled in Washington this week to explore every way -- financial, technological, legal, political -- to meet U.S. and Indian energy challenges.

And to complain about shopping malls.

They rose like corn, in the 1950s, to serve Americans with new cars, cheap energy and land, and disposable income. Today they're monuments to sprawl, and make little sense when outdoor and walkable town centers, big box stores, and Internet commerce offer either more pleasant or more efficient alternatives.

Malls make even less sense in India, where cities are crowded and hot. They create dead space exactly where land is precious and energy is expensive, with designs that were perfect for, say, Minnesota half a century ago. And yet, shopping palaces are all over the place, from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal, exceeding maybe four square miles of leasable retail floor space in total, according to an estimate based on this sketchy source.

It takes a lot of coal-burning to cool four sub-tropical square miles of stores. Energy eats up a much bigger percentage of Indians' per capita income than Americans'. Glassy retail palaces designed originally for temperate North America trap and concentrate heat. Cooling the air down drives up energy bills and consequently the cost of goods.

Indian malls are symbols of what the two countries say they want less of in general — Americans exporting their lifestyle and habits to India without considering how different India is, and Indians taking up our finer American lifestyles and habits without considering how different the U.S. is.

"You really can't, sort of, parachute a technology from one place to another," says Rajendra Pachauri, the director-general of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), a think tank in Delhi. "There has to be some local customization, some local modification that suits conditions in that country."

Pachauri brought up the mad logic of Indian malls during a session at this week's U.S.-India Energy Summit in Washington, which TERI hosts annually with Yale University. (He is also chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the authoritative body that will publish its latest state-of-the-science compendium at the end of this month.)

"In the U.S. setting, shopping malls probably — the way they were designed — made some economic sense," Pachauri said. In India, not so much. "Given our prices and our costs, we could have come up with something totally different." TERI's training complex on the outskirts of Delhi, he said, draws no power from the grid. The buildings are efficient, requiring just a third of a conventional structure's energy. What they need comes from solar, biomass and geothermal sources.
Bad American Ideas Are Worse in India - Bloomberg


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a thoughtful post .

what do indian malls sell ?

which price conscious person buys from malls?

it is aimed at a class to whom price does not matter much.

only at festival times or when huge discounts get offered during a sale , people try some buying.

otherwise they enjoy the AC on a hot day there and escape the heat .

even parking of vehicle there is expensive leave alone shopping.

it is considered the in thing to be strolling in malls

very few are serious shoppers.


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A good piece. Malls there suit their lifestyle from good morning to good night. Here we make every day a different style. There businessmen want to give some thing to their customer. Here their counterparts take away the customers' money. They are trustworthy and accountable whereas they are not here nor do we trust anybody. In India the business is mostly in the wrong hands. Here people do not shop to drop. The vast area, pretensions, unnecessary presentations and imposing floor, walls, ceiling only trip people here. Indians are down to earth simple people. Well, the present generation of youth can turn things the American way, because they are less dependable too. I do not know whether I am right or wrong - we are more intelligent and less flamboyant.
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