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Ayyappa and Makara Jyothi

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Dear Friends,
Year after year lakhs of devotees are coming and visiting Sabarimala,in Kerala state. Comparing to the number of days opened it may be one of leading rich temple in south India. On Makara jyothi many have seen (and shown on TV live telecast ) Jyothi on the hill top. Is there any explanation for the Jyothi? Is there any other temple with such /like experience ?
the kerala electricity department light the jyothi as per recent controversy.the communist were hell bent to expose,but saner sensibilities prevailed,saying really a bright light in the sky illumines the hill top.i have been there three times,but never during makara vilakku times,as the crowd is unimaginably huge and the administration just dunno what to do with such huge crowds.in fact even a snanam in pamba river,is supposed to cleanse your soul,but in the bargain the body gets dirtied with all sorts of garbage thrown in the river.despite such huge offerings,the least the devasthanam can do is,build good potties and bath facilities,instead of just laying it as per shastra and irumudi,we have to do like this.anyway i got ayyappan at home,pray to him peacefully from the bottom of my heart or just go to local ayyappan sannidhanam.works for me,ayyappa loves me :)
When I was a teenager, when the scientific temper ,and rationalist fire, rebellious spirit were at their peak, I visited Sabarimala and witnessed Makara Jyoti, just to satisfy my inquisitiveness. It was with a prejudiced view that the Jyoti is man-made.

That was the time when rationalists were challenging anything. We college youths were lapping up everything and asking for scientific explanation for everything.(No explanation for blindly believing rationalists)

But nothing read and discussed till then ( and till now) could satisfactorily explain or prove that Makara Jyoti is man made. So it remains to be explained. There were many attempts by rationalists ,to burn crackers, light lamps etc at the Ponnambalmedu or supposedly similar places. But nothing worked out. The questioning and seeking explanations gradually died out, in the absence of any concrete and unchallengable explanation by anybody.

Crowds to Sabarimala is growing day-by-day ,year-by-year: though due to my claustrophobic feeling, I have not visited for last many many years.

"Swami Saranam"
The trick of "Makara Jyoti" (MJ) was exposed vividly when the UDF was in power some years ago. The representatives from the police and the devaswom board showed the TV crew how, where and at what signal (before mobile phones) they used to light a very huge mound of camphor in the location of the MJ. I have personally viewed the TV programme. In that some of the tribals also stated that this was being done from as far as their memory went.

We need not blame the communists or rationalists for exposing it. Anyway, blind faith being blind to reason, Sabarimala gets huge revenue. Ayyappan is the sole earning member of the god-family of Travancore and His earnings are utilized in maintaining almost all the other temples of erstwhile Travancore area.
hi folks,
i visited 3 times to sabarimala.....one time makara jyothi and 2 times mandala vilakku time...i saw makara jyoti in 1975 in my prime young age
about 15 yeards old,,,,,beleive it or not....its my faith...i still recollect my makara jyoti.........eventhough i was more rationalist and part of
SFI thinking......its really a wonder spiritual experience in my life.....

swamiye saranam ayyappa...

Thanks for your comments. I would like to know whether in any other temple there is such/unbelievable experience?

You mean such unexplained experiences? There are many such temples.....I can think of 'Thirukkazhukundram'. Many temples are there with architecturalmarvels. Chain made of stone; un-attached,rolling stone globe in 'yali's' mouth; seven stwems carved out of a single stone, but each stem with a different resonance...there are more.

In my native village, there is a temple known as Kulundalamman.

Thappalampuliyur: Kulundalamman

The temple car doesn't have wheels and is lifted in the shoulders. The festival normally conducted in this Tamil month of Aadi when the cultivation begins. Every year just before 15 days of the festival, daliths use to bring a pot of gruel from a nearby village and it is tied in the temple premises. On the last day of car festival, daliths open the gruel pot and consume the gruel. Based on the taste, they will tell how the harvest during that particular year.

It is a mystery how the gruel is preserved in the temple premises for 15 days plus in the natural atmosphere without any refrigeration. Invariably the predictions of the harvest by the daliths turn out to be correct.

Still it is a mystery and could not be explained.

All the best
ayyappa and makarajyothi

In Nachiyarkoil village in Old Tanjore District in the temple there is a Garuda Vahanam in pure stone - very famous in that area as KAL GARUDAN. The vahanam is kept in a seperate sannadhi beside the Lord . On the Kal Garudan festival day the vahanam which is really very heavy is brought out by four people outside the sannadhi room and placed in the hall. The same vahanam required eight people to carry it from the hall to come outside the hall and requires sixteen people to place it on the sapparam=the cate. Even taking back after the festival the same reversal procedure is followed. IT IS TO BE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED TO BE BELIEVED- WHATAN AMAZING ONE1
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