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Ayushya suktam - A translation

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In an earlier thread a dear member has desired to know the meaning of Ayushya Suktam. So too my brother also wanted me to educate him on the meaning of this Suktam.
Hence with the blessings of Veda Mata I have written the same. A learned Veda Panditha has confirmed to me that my translation is right.
I am attaching the same as a pdf file.
I bless you all to recite the mantras aware of their meaning & receive the grace of the Supreme Lord.


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Helo GSS, best wishes for your innovative work .thanks for sharing it with us..my doubt is that can it be read as it is in tamil ,its like a tamil prose ,where even lines sound different .pls guide & give clarification to us.
My dear Dr Narayani,
You are asking,"Can it be read as it is in tamil?" The suktam is in Sanskrit. If you are asking whether we can read the suktam in the same way it would appear when written in Tamil script, the answer is 'Yes'.
You say, "Its like a tamil prose." The suktam is only prose though written in stanzas like poems. That is why you feel even lines sound different.
But let us remember one very important thing. Veda Mata speaks in her own words. It is SABDAM which is the FORM in which formless PARABRAHMAM first projected creation.
which in its different forms takes the shape of Samskritam & other languages. All Indian languages including Tamizh are nothing but local variations of Sanskrit.
You do not worry about the punditry of so called scholars who profess to teach meanings of the Veda. If you surrender to Mother Veda and recite her words repeatedly, She will reveal her meaning herself. The meaning she gives you for a partcular mantra need not be the same as she gives me for the same mantra. The mother may give milk to the child & idli dosa to her scool going daughter!
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