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Ayushya Homam

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Only after 1 year is complele. on the tamil year birth month., birth star ayushyahomam should be done..Ayushyanhomam, navagraha and ayur devadas homam are done.b
Ram Ram

This can be done on each and every year on the Janma Naksathram. eventhough it is not mandatory after the first year, I have seen some families who are doing it every year on birthdays.

Arun M
dear sir !
even though the homam could not be done ,we can make pujas in temple on our loved ones birthdays (janma nakshatram ). it is practice in our family and i am continuing it even though my sons and daughter celebrate their DOB in western style.the prasadam sent to them.in between ganapathy homam, sudersana homam and navagraha homam are performed when the whole family assemble on a special day.
The Ayur Devata is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. You will feel empowered in terms of health and longevity.
[h=5]Speciality of Ayush Homa[/h]It should be noted that this unique Homa is done on the Birth Star day of an individual. The day your Birth Star rules, is considered as the day of power and this Homa will bestow divine blessings for you! This very powerful Homa can be a great relief for children suffering from severe health ailments.
Markandeya, the ever lived devout youth is called upon in this Homa to bless you with a good wellbeing and will power to recover from health ailments. Also, the other long lived ancient Seers like Ashwathama, Mahabali, Vyasa, Lord Hanuman, Vibheeshana, Kripacharya and Parashurama are called upon to ensure you with the blessings for a long life.
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