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Ayush Homam & Mottai

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Hello Sir,


I would like to know when and how to perform the mottai and Ayush Homam ceremony for my daughter who is completing her first birthday on January 4th 2011.

I wuld like to know when to perform mottai for her is it before the Ayush homam or after that?

If we perform befoe the Ayush homam is there any problems?

Please reply to me.

Ref : Doubt about performance of Ayushya Homam and Mottai

Normally Mottai is under taken after Ayushya Homam . Ayushya Homam is done as per the star birthday of the child . The actual details can be worked out by consulting the family priest . The function consists of Ayushya Homam, followed by a visit to the local temple and lifting of child by his / her maternal uncle which is a very important ritual . Ideally mottai is done after 1st year birthday ( nakshatram ie ayushya homam) . Every faily has a tradition to be followed mainly offering the mudi ( hair) to a specefic diety at a specefic temple . This temple essentially need not be the Kula Deivam too . In some families the tradition is to offer mudi at multiple temples . Hence you may consult your in family and find out the patter which the earleir ancestors have been following and accordingly you may proceed .In case on any inconvenience or Theetu ( death of a very close relative) a visit to a local temple and completion of Mottai may be considered.

In today's hectic life some peeple do perform mottai after completion of 6 months , hence its Ok if the same is perfrmed before Ayushyahomam . But let it not be the case that mottai is performed and within 15 days Ayushya Homam is done .Keep a gap of atleast 2 to 3 months ideally

Ayushya Homam for a boy can be conducted every year atleast till Upanayanam is performed . Its a Rakhshai for the child.
Mr Swaminathasharma

Mr. Narayanan

Cud you kindly clarify in which Smrithi or in which astro books, the above are quoted ?? any reference...
Just curious to know abt this ?

Dear Sir ,

Appropos to your query , however the points I have mentioned about Ayushya Homam and Mottai are those which I have observed all along from my childhood time till date . More over these are practices which I have observed atleast at many a families in Bombay .

Hence I would not be in a position to quote any Smrithis or for that matter any astro books either.

In fact I conducted Ayushya Homam for my son in April this year and I have followed all those procedures which I had mentioned in my reply to Ashwini.

Hope this clarifies your query.

Many thanks & Regards

Vide page no.5. I have given details about Ayush homam and mottai. Ayush homam must be done only on the next year on the same tamil month and on the birthstar date. Kindly go through the previous pages before asking details.
Hello Sir,

Thanks for your reply and it was informative.

If i need further clarification,if any,will write to you.

Kind regards
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