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Ayush Homam & Mottai

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My daughter will turn one year old on July28, I want to perform Ayush homam, I want to know whether this is performed based on the completion of 1year according to english calender or according to the day when the birth nakshatram falls. Please clarify

Also I want to know whether can I perform head shave rituals(mottai) on the same day, please advice on the suitable day for this ritual. I got suggestions from friends that it has to be performed before the completion of 11months.

Ayush homam

sir, Ayush homam must be done only on the birth star and birth month. Last year july 28th is chithrai or swathi star?What is the time of birth.This year it will come on 14th or 15 th August.Ear ring after boring the ear will be performed on that day. no mottai on that day.Usually mottai will be done after ayushya homam in the k ula deivam and or ista deivam temple.Navagraha homam along with ayushya homam will be done on the ayushya homam day.The requirements for ayushya homam will be as follows. Turmeric powder 50grams;kumkumam 10 grams;Sandal powder10 grams; Manjal 50 gram; Betelleaves 100 ns; betel nut (kalipaku)100 grams;coconut 4nos;thodutha flower 4 yards;poovan fruit 25 nos;Haaram 1;wheat 2 kilo; Rice 1k ilo;black gram 500 gram;lemon fruit 2 nos;Cow s Ghee 800 grams;plantain leaf 8 nos;mango tree leaf bunch 6 nos;virati(cows dung) or eruvu 20 nos; sirai thool 2kilo;havis 250 grams;camphor 1 pocket;scented sticks 1 pocket (oodhuvathi) saambraani 10 gram;flowers for archanai 500 grams;kudam 1 no;brass sombu 1 no;kinnam 7 nos;bricks 10 nos; or homa kundam;Deepam; oil for deepam thiri match box;Bell; karpoora karandy;Thambalam 4 nos;pancha pathra uthurini; Aasana palagai or Thaduku 6 nos;kumba vasthram 1; navagraha vasthram set 1; red 2 nos;white 2 nos;black 1; green 1; blue 1; yellow 1;multi color 1;80 cms. lengt each; navagraha dhaanyam each 100 grams wheat; rice;toor dhall;green gram;moong dhall;mochai; ellu; black gram and horse gram; navagraha samithu; erukku;arasu;purasu;athi;vanni;karungali;dharbai;Arugan pillu;Naayuruvi;sastrigal 4 nos;Anugai=permission;ganapathy pooja;punyaha vachanam;graha preethi; navagraha mantra japam and homam;AAyushya homam ;aarathi; Anna dhaanam;SAmbandhi mariyathai.Feel free to ask any doubts.
Sir, For Ayushya homam you need not see the day , thithi, yoga and karanam doshams.On the birth star date you have to do Ayushya homam,By doing Ayushya homam life time is incresaing. By doing navagraha homam You are getting the blessings of all devathas; and the navagrahas may not do harms.Fromyour father in law s house they will bring sugar;thamboolam ; paruppu thengai ;bakshanam;fruits;kaappu arisi 1 kilo ear ring; shirt for the child;dhoty and saree etc; In turn you are giving to them dhoty saree and money as sambandhi mariyathai.In case you have not done jatha karma;Naamakarnam ;and anna praasnam till date due to some unavoidable circumstances now before Ayushya homam you have to do first jathakarma naamakaranam and anna praasnam now For this case the following are the requirements;Turmeric powder 50 grams;kumkumam 5 grams;sandal powder 10 gram;Betel leaf 100 nos;betel nut (kalipaaku)100 grams ;vaasanai pakku pocket 50 nos;thodutha flower 2 yards;uthiri pushpam 250 grams; Haaram for the child 1;plantain fruit 25 nos;coconut 6 nos;wheat 1kilo; rice 1 kilo;plantain leaf 4 nos;Ghee 500 grams;honey 10 grams;curd 10 grams;jaggery 10 gram;rice flour 10 gram;kadugu 10 grams;viratti 10 nos;havis 250 grams;visiri 1;deepam thiri; oil;match box; aasana palagai Thaambaalam 2; mango leaf bunch 6 nos;camphor 10 gram;Thavidu 100 gram; scented stick oodhu vathi 5 grams;kinnam 6 nos;homa kundam or 10 Bricks;Pancha paathra uthirini; karpoora thattu;Saambrani 10 grams;Bell;Anugai= Permission for jatha karma; naama karnam;Anna praasnam Aayushya homam;Ganapathy poojai;Graha preethi; Kaalaatheetha graha preethi;Naandhi;japa dhakshinai; Haarathi;The child must take oil bath on the Aayushya homam day. AAyushya homam must be performed only in the child s fathers house . You must invite your father in law and family well in advance; usually jatha karma will be done on the 11th day;Dhivaspari mantras should be chanted while touching the child. Thisn manthra is praising fire (Agni) those who are doing poojas to agni devan their family will glow. THen prarthana that the child should live for 100 years.Then the chiuld will be fed with honey mixed with ghee with a silver spoon by all members of the family.Then the child will have breast milk with manthras for longevity. then homam with mixture of thavidu and kadugu to remove Baalaarishtam Then naamakaranam sangalpam Both father and mother should say the name in the right ear of the child on the 11th day.then naandhi; punyahavachanam;
Sir, On the 11th day after delivery both the mother and the child will take oil bath. Father in law will give for the son in law and for his daughter and for the grand child dhoti saree shirt; thaamboolam fruits flowers;and paruppu thengai;and they in turn will get sambandhi mariaathai;Seed(Paddy) dhaanam will be given to all ladies gents youngsters and to elderly people;Punyahavachanam will be done Reqiurements for this vidhai dhaana punyahavachanam: Turmeric powder 50 gram; kumkumam 10 gram;sandal powder 10 gram;betel leaf 50 nos; betel nut 70 grams;flower 2 metres;plantain leaf 4 nos;plantain fruit 12 nos;Paddy 2 kilo;rice 1 kilo;mango leaf bunch 2 nos;coconut 4 nos;brass sombu 1; Thaambaalam 2; AAsana palagai 2 nos;Deepam oil; match box ;thiri;bell;pancha paathra uthurini;sugar; kalkandu; Honey; curd; ghee; each 10 grams;For Pancha kavyam cow s milk; curd; ghee; urine and dung are required to prepare the pancha kavyam and all the members of the whole family will drink a small quantity.In the evening child will be placed in a thottil;in a n auspicious lagnam;Paddy will spread on the floor underneath nthe thottil and the name of the child wi9ll nbe written there;Aunt of thge child will give to the child bangles.(Athai kaapumpoduvathu) Ladies will sing songs and to those ladies manjal;kumkumam;santhana;thaamboolam will be given; Anugai= Permission;Ganapathy poojai;Graha preethi dhakshinai;punyahavachana japa dhakshinai; Pavamaana sooktham (during punyaha vachanam) should be chanted 4 times for all punyaha vachanam ; only for this purpose we need four sastrigals; one sastrigal may chant 4 times or.. 2 sastrigal may chant 2 times AArathi; For jatha karma and naamakaranam kadugu thavidu homam see the requirements from above; now I am telling about the preparation of Pancha kavyam;cow s urine 35 gams;cow s dung half ofn your thumb;cow s milk 250 gram;cow s curd 100 grams;cow s ghee 35 gram;dharbai water 35 gram; It is beleived thatVarunan is there in urine;in cow s dung Agni is there;in curd Vayu devan;In ghee suryan and in milk moon is there; to be continued.
spread some rice 1 kilo on the floor. put a big vessel containing urine of cow in the centre and touching it with dhabai chant Gaayathri manthram;on the east put the vessel containing cow s dung and chant gandathdwaaraamby touching it with darbai;in the south put cow s milk vessel and chant aapyaaya by touching it with darbai;Then put the vessel containing cow s curd in the west and chant dhadhikravinno by touching it with darbai;then put the ves sal containing cow s ghee in the north side and chant sukramasi by touching it with darbai;Then put the vessal containing water in the north east direction and chant devasyatwa by touching it with darbai. Again chant gayathri manthram and touch the central vessal.Then again by chanting gandathwaaraam put the cow dung in the centre vessal;Then by chanting aapyaayayaswa pour the milk in the centre vessal;Then by chanting dadhikra vinno pour thr the curd in the centre vessal; Then by chanting sukramasi pour the ghee in the centre vessal;Then by chanting devayasthwa pour the water in the centre vessal;Then by chanting pranava AUM ten times mix all the mixture in the centre vessal by uthurini. this is pancha kavyam. now in the pancha kavya do pooja of cow devatha;Go devatha dyanam aavaahanam;Paadhyam argyam aachamanam;snanam; snanantharam aachamaniam;vasthram upaveetham sandal paste kumkumam; aqkshatha; pushpaani poojayami;doopam deepam neivedyam plantain fruit and thamboolam;karpooram; Then go sooktha japam;Then punar pooja; yathaasthaanam;Then drinking of pancha kavyam one uthurini with manthram for drinking;If your sastrigal do not know go sooktham request him to chant Durgaa sooktham.Take pancha kavya on Srarrdha day; and also during marriage and poonal etc; If the child is born with kodi chuthi give as dhaanam to your sastrigal on the 11th day after delivery one gram gold and silver rod one metre in a muram This is only additional all others for punyahavachanam are same. Pleasae feel free to ask me any doubts;
Thank you

Thank you very much Gopalan Sir, the details provided were very informative, sorry I was out of country so could'nt reply to you.

Yes, my daughter was born on July 28 2009--chithrai star.

so will plan for the ayush homam on the birth star date and get back to you if require further more details.
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