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avoid stress relax ur mind

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Stress is what we get everyday when we grow up to become an adult. Stress is affected by many factors like family stress, working stress, relationship stress, financial stress and etc. If we know how to manage it, we can easily overcome stress. In my life, i had gone through all those stress. That's why i able to write few life tips about overcome stress.

I will share with you some of my tips to overcome STRESS.

1) S - Sports
- Play, engage in your favourite sport or physical activity. Example : Football, badminton, jogging, swimming, tennis and etc.

2) T - Travelling
- Take holidays or trips to new places with family or friends.

3) R - Recreation
- Take time off for recreation or relaxing activities or enjoy nature.

4) E - Eating
- Eat your favourite foods but make sure you have a balanced diet too.

5) S - Singing or Speaking
- Express yourself through singing is a very good method to overcome stress, by yourself or in group. Share thoughts, views and feelings with friends and family.

6) S - Sleeping and Smilling
- Get enough sleep and rest. Remember smilling benefits both yourself and others around you.

All the first alphabet join together and it will become STRESS. That's all the way i did if i'm in stress.

My Thoughts

Everyone has stress in life everyday, take it easy and you can overcome it. Sometimes stress is come from yourself, just depend on how you think.

Example : Your boss want you to work overtime until you have done the job assigned, you are stress because the job only can be done tomorrow. If you think in other angle, your boss appreciates and trusts you, this is a good sign that your boss may promote you in the coming days.

u can use aromatheraphy scents to overcome your stress and to make uyour mind relax .
use rosemary scents that bring energetic
use apple flavor scents bring relaxation
U can share Your knowledge
give your opinion
to makes this site more interesting
My view is only a matured mind can deal the stress in the correct way.You have to have your mind unbiased,anticipate things and be prepared to face,then you will be on composed stae mind and be able to handle things in the right frame mind.Then you wil be stres free.
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