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Avarice/Intence desire/ Greed of the would be Brides/ Famalies of the brides

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I really don't know how to present this under which title. But feel this will be the right Topic/ Title.

In the last couple of weeks I sent many mails to the parents of the would be brides, along with my son's horoscope which I checked with the astrologer.

All the persons who referred my son's horoscope with their daughter's called me over phone and said the horoscopes matches well with least 7 and max 8. and wanted the salaries details of the perks the boy enjoys. But only one directly mentioned if the take home pay of the boy is less than Rs50,000 I need not contact them! This was an SMS!

But all other parents to whom I asked how much money a newly wedded family may need? and what are all the normal expenditure the girl will make per month, two said their daughter will spend Rs 30,000 a month!

I asked for the break up details. They replied Rent 10,000, Current Rs1,000, Provisions Rs5,000 conveyance Rs 3,000 and so.on.
and further added that the would be bride wish to quit the job after marriage and wish to look after the Children!!

So they justified their expectations.

I asked them shall I tell my expectations?

and added if my son earns Rs 50,000 pm., I expect Rs500,000 as dowry, a car from the bride's family., One Kg of Gold and 5 Kgs of Silver. If they are to pay this I will put my Son on a job as per their choice.

I said in a remote place the Rent will be Rs 5000 only. and finally said Sorry.

Dear friends This is the present day society some people ask like this. When a male ask dowry it is harassment and if the same is asked by a girl / their family how to stamp/ Brand them?

Yes I am getting some favorable replies too. that is only one with whom I am communicating, who said they are satisfied with the family back ground and soon may be on Vijaya dasami I may go for more details., until which all are on hold due to Malaya Packsha.
After seeing this post, a doctor, who use to visit this site regularly as guest as per my suggestion, spoke with me this morning. He married a doctor bride, a brahmin the wife's side given him a house with a car and he put a lab and so far the wife's side did work for Rs10,00,000/ and he is going to add more equipment. He is a skin specialist. M.D., DD. his age is 35 now and said he is treating his relations at free of cost for whom he never charges including lab tests.

When commented on Dentists, he said rarely boys choose this dental and there are about 20 brahmin girls in each dental collage per year joins and where as only one boy joins B.D.S. course. Others go for IT.

Regarding their demand, they the groom expects a well equipped dental clinic and a car. The cost of A/c clinic will come around Rs25 lakhs , the girls side few offers this cost and rest take a back seat. There is no question if the girl achieved good mark and got gold medal.

All the doctors are not earning money as you expect and there are people who live a sorrowful life, and appearing for Govt exams etc.,

Some doctors wife since her family borrowed money from all the available sources for marriage now demands money from their daughter and took some jewels too, which they put at the time of wedding.

He further added we don't know how to manage this kind of situation. Some time I feel I wish to live like a common man but it is too late to decide.

So it is clear that the bride's side for a false prestige get a doctor alliance, spends money lavishly which is borrowed from other sources, unable to return the capital, either go out or demands money from their daughter.

This will certainly affect the personal life of their daughter which may create crack in their family life.

So before entering the alliance the girl's side should think twice. Initially the groom side may say Okey for all the conditions laid down by the brides side and once they tie the knot and after some time they may show the faces.

So every one has a shadowed side with sorrow, and every person should apply his mind before committing anything.
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