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Austerity Measures for Top Leaders

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"Mamata Banerjee walks to the Writers Building after being sworn in as CM". "Mamata Banerjee not to use bullet-proof car".

These are two recent news reports. While she certainly deserves appreciation for taking such austerity measures, it makes one wonder what our netas have come to be nowadays - especially our own TN leaders.

The gaudy lavishness with which Govt. functions or political meetings get organized, the number of vehicles involved in motorcades, the heavy police deployment to control and regulate traffic in busy roads and routes (read: sheer public harassment), the display of money power (How come these leaders become 'filthily wealthy', or, 'wealthily filthy' - whichever way you would like to put it - in very short periods really beats me!), all these and more glare at us unsparingly.

Not all who come to power are any great economic wizards, but invariably, most of these 'public representatives' at various levels - be it at Panchayat or town or district or provincial or national level - get rich very quickly right away! There seems to be no law in the land to check them in the root level itself. When the existing law finally catches up with them, they have enough moola stashed away securely, inside the country or abroad, in binami or trinami or polynami forms, they have a shameless courage and confidence to face the eagerly-waiting video cameras with beatific smiles, wave to their ardent 'supporters' and grace them and the scribes, who wait on their lips, for filling up the dailies and the media channels with sensational so-called news, with choice expressions oozing with non-chalance!

Mera Bharat Mahaan!
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