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auspicious day

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AS per driganitha panchangam Acharyal madathu panchangam karinal falls on 19/4/2012. Regarding 20/4/ your daughter can join between 10am to 10-30 am. this time is guru horai; gowri panchangam is also good; mithuna lagnam. no planets in 8th place.thara palam is good. But chandra palam is not there.panchagam is also good. no chandrastamam. Lagnathipathy Budhan is having good strength.

If the lagnam of yur daughter is not vrischigam she can join, on 20/4.

For joining duty good stars are : aswini;rohini; mirugaseersham; punarpoosam;poosam ;uthiram; hastham; anusham; uthiradam; thiruvonam;uthiratadhi and revathy;

Except astami and navami all thithis are good.

Except thulam;vrichigam;kanni and makaram all other lagnas are good;
Days: wednesday;thursday;friday and monday;

The 8th place from the lagnam no planets should be there.

paava graham in the3rd;6th and 11th place will give good results.

FRom the Birth Star to the joining date star the following counting no. stars are not good. 3,5,7,12,14,16,21,23,25,26,27.

Subha graham in the lagnam will do good.

The dasa, bukthi and anthara nathargal of your daughter should not be near suryan on the joining date.

The ascendent lord and the 6th lord and tenth lord should not be near suryan on the joining date.

For poosam;anusham and uthiratadhi stars the following stars is having Thara palam: Rohini;hastham; Thiruvonam; punarpoosam;swathi sadayam and revathy.

For ayiyam kettai revathy stars, the following stars are having thara palam: Aswathy;magam;moolam;punarpoosam ;uthiram;uthirqadam;poosam;anusham;uthiratadhi;mirugaseersham;chithrai;avittam;

For aswini magam moolam stars the following stars are having thara palam: rohini;hastham;thiruvonam;swathi;sathyam;poosam;anusham;uthiratadhi and revathy.

For Barani;pooram; pooraadam the following stars are having thara palam; Aswini;maham;moolam;punarpoosam;mirugasirsham;chithrai;avittam; uthiram;uthiradam and revathy;

For krithigai;uthiram; uthiradam the following stars are having Thara palam: Aswini;maham;moolam;rohini;hastham;thiruvonam; poosam;anusham;uthiratadhi;swathi;sadayam;

For Rohini ;hastham; thiruvonam the following stars are having Thara palam: Mirugasirsham;chithrai;avittam; punarpoosam;uthiram;uthiradam;revathy.

For mirugasirsham;chithrai avittam the following stars are having thara palam: Aswini;magam;moolam;rohini;hastham;thiruvonam; utiram;uthiradam;swathy;sadayam;poosam;anusham;Uthiratadhi

For thiruvadhirai; swathy;sadayam the following stars are having Thara palam: Rohini;hastham;thiruvonam;mirugasirsham;chithrai;avittam; punarpoosam and revathy;

For punarpoosam ;vishagam; poorathadhi: ASwini;magam;moolam;mirugaseersham;chithrai;avittam;poosam;anusham;uthiratadhi; uthiram;;uthiradam;swathy;sadayam..
dear sri gopalanji
thank you very much/
my daughter anusham/vrichigam is now planning to join on 25/04/2012 wednesday,mirugaseerisham.she will be leaving for bangalore on 24/04/2012 tuesday rohini night and joining duty after 9.00 am but before 12 noon,is it ok.
we are following pambu panchangam.

25-4-2012 is chandrastamam day for anusham star. If the planets in her horoscope are in good condition and the running dasa bukthi is also good nothing will happen.
dear sir

as per vakkiya panchangam(pambu panchangam) chandran is entering mithunam after 37.51 nazhigai of suryothayam.as such no chandrashtamam.pl claify

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