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Auspicious day

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Dear everbody,


I was allotted central govt. quarters at delhi recently.

As per govt. rules, i should occupy the quarters soon. I am on vacation to TN now and back to delhi by mid of June, 2010 only.

So my doubt is, can i shift the house during that period i.e. after June, 15 (most of the people say that we should not do as the month falls on "AANI").

Is there any pariharams to be done before and please suggest any good dates during that period i.e. between 15 June 2010 5th July 2010.

Thanks in advance...


(Suresh Iyer)
Dear everbody,

So my doubt is, can i shift the house during that period i.e. after June, 15 (most of the people say that we should not do as the month falls on "AANI").


Hi suresh ji,

I think in June you have 17(Thursday) ,21(Monday),24(Thursday) as subhamuhurtams.You may consult your priest also for final word.
Dear sir, Kindly let us know your Birth star and that of your wife.The day should not fall on the chandrastama day. and also on the 7th star of yours birth star.14th june may be a good day for you .I will tell you if you can send me the birth stars
Thanks to everybody who clarified my doubts.

Dear Mr. Gopalan sir, both of our star is Anusham.

Thanks in advance...

Suresh Iyer
Sir, 7-6-7-6-2010 vaikasi month monday 9am to 10.30 AM is good.Then 2-7-2010 Friday 9am to 10.30 am is good.
Auspicious Day

Dear Suresh,

Faith and Fear cannot coexist!

If your faith in almighty is really strong (as strong as the faith Hanuman had on Rama), then there is nothing called auspicious day or inauspicious day. Your mind will be in a position to only visualize goodness and prosperity.

However if your faith in almighty is already shaken up, then it is better you consult a sastrigal.

By seeing the very question, it seems that your faith had already been shaken up so it is better you follow some pariharam to manipulate and reinstill your faith.


Not open for further replies.

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