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Atharvashirisha Ganapathi Mantram

Not open for further replies.

This is available in sanskrit /english on the net. Please take a copy of it
and get it translated into Tamil. I think audio also is available. For proper
swara, listen to this and store it. This is much better since akshara and
swara are very important in atharva veda. This mantra is very powerful,
and that is why I am cautioning you.
Dear Sir,

Elders used to say mantras must be initiated and transmitted from Guru to Shisya for effectiveness. This is karna-paramaparia vara anushtanam. Can this be over-ruled?

As fas as I Know only slokas can be read without any initiation.

Dear Malogvaji,
You are right, particularly the atharva veda mantras. I wish our friend
reads your post. I did it in a hurry because our friend said he is desparate !
Thanks for reminding me of this.
Thanks to Mr. Ravi for sharing the Tamil copy of the Atharva Shirisha Ganapathi Mantram. This has Hindi and Tamil version and I am finding a way to upload it in this website, as will help many others.

In the meantime, if any one need this, please send me a mail to my mail id - [email protected] and I will respond to you with the soft copy.
Atharva Shirisha Ganapathi Manthram

Here is the Hindi and Tamil Version. Please ensure that you are learning it through a Guru and chant. Learning through a Guru is a MUST, as will help us to pronounce it in right way and get full benefit of the same.
Dear defca ,

Are you a shastrigal sir?

Not open for further replies.

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