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Atchadhai, Mavilakku etc., the science!

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The reason of throwing of Atchadhai, Rice coloured with manjgal powder is
the umi is formed from pancha bootha viz, Earth, Akasa, water, fire and wind and activated by navagraha, viz Sun, moon, mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. When the rice is formed it is quality of Pancha bootha and navagraha and when we throw as a blessing it is believed that all the Pancha boothas and navagrahas are blessing the couples.

Secondly when the Ma villaku is prepared we prepare the rice powder, adding ghee to that and light it, so that the ultra violet rays created and supported by the electro magnetic force from rice creates and activates our energy and normally newly wedded couple do it for want of children. The NaNo rays created by rice heat, activates the uteres and helps to hold the seed of male and make it an fetus.
Akshathai are not always mixed with turmeric.Kumkum is also used.
In some places ricegrains are sprinkled with water and used as Akshathai.
The method of making Maa Vilakku is different fom family to family and many people do it in yemples where the effect explained cannot be there
am still wondering abt the nano rays and nanotechnology part....am i missing something that is not being conveyed with more explanation / better details...or is it just a misplaced understanding..
The NaNo rays are there!
There is a quote in Occult Chemistry written by Annie Besant and Jinna raja. In AD.1898 there was a book published by Theosophical Society Adyar.
This book is available in Chennai. Please go through that. Even in Vedas there are quotes about this NaNo rays.
Please ask our Pandits and Sastrigal about this.
The Ganabhadigals may clarify your doubts.
Since we are seeing everything as God, Goddess and Devas etcc. and like a child we expect some wonders takes place in our life which makes us and our family happy for ever and afraid of facing the problems, we are applying black magic etc., and we fail to see the Science behind each rituals.

Soon the Kubera Yagna is concluded we expect some one with an order knock our door which will bring millions. That is our expectations. But what science is applied here?

The environment is just activated, our laziness is converted in to acive energy, where we are generating positive energy within us which activates our sense which finds a way to solve our problems.

I can tell more but running out of time!
In this forum we need to have better clarification for the quiries put from us. there are many things we needs clear understanding. because half knowledge is not fruitful.
Let me present my paper for PhD., after the award The university will allow to me to Publish the thesis or they will publish them, any one one can buy that and if time permits I will translate the thesis and with some help from others will try to publish this. If any one is in need for immediate reference, they can come to my house and see the Thesis paper which is yet to take shape!

For writing this thesis I read nearly 1000 books in 15 Years, referred 50 Oriental manuscripts in various Libraries in India, and took help from Pundits in locating the manuscripts. Felt everything in my nerves enjoyed and all these years lead a hermit's life which is continuing.
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