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At the time of birth why the babys cry "amma"

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i don't know which baby at the time of birth cries amma!!

they squeal, make waaaaa and other such sounds.

if you are hearing amma in those sounds, your hearing perceptions are different from mine.

i don't understand, why we, in our culture, want to sentimentalize everything into a sanctified motherhood, and when it matters, do not hesitate one bit, to bash up the same mother.

now, regarding the first word of a baby, my daughter said dadddddy before she said any other word. now what do you say?

my wife, needless to say, was not very pleased :)

ok let me put in other way what is the first word of a human
ok let me put in other way what is the first word of a human

it all depends. on who and where, i think.

same as the indian cow says 'mayy', and the western cow moos, do we need to sentimentalize it?

i am only expressing my take, that whatever sound the baby first makes, and whatever words it utters, those are gold and honey to the parents.

atleast it should be. for there are some kids, who are silent all the time. any and i mean any sound from those kids, does not matter what it is, is God sent to those distressed ones.

which is why, a normal progression of a child, i think, should be treated as a gift in itself, and not be sentimentalized into an embodiment of its mother or motherhood.

thank you.
Now a days Amma is used in plenty in tamil movies for songs like
Amma Amma Amma Amma Ammmammma !

and the other amma's are MOTHER (Shri .Aurobindo - pondy ) &
AIADMK supremo Ms.JJ !
right. We sentimentalise many things and get carried over. But definitely many babies first prounouncable word somewhat is similar to amma. Why even we grown ups when we are hit or in pain unconscioulsy say amma only not appa or thatha paatti. I am sure many memebers will endorse this. Surely there should be a siginificance in words ammma. What prevails in other religions and other country's babies; What do they utter? I wish to know.
Kind regards
As far I could observe, most of the languages - Indian or foreign - have the sound
'ma' for mother and 'pa' for father. Mother, Father, Maa, Pa(pa), Amma, Appa, maternal, paternal and so on.

The Children's psychology also says that the child usually begins to speak by calling its mother 'ma'/'amma' or whatever. That is a child's first word (not sound) in its own language. That's why we call it mother tongue not father tongue. Some exceptions may be there. But, what I am saying is the universal rule.
First time, the child only cries. It is only sound which comes during cry and could not be linked to any particular sound.

Reason for cry may probably be `Why I am born to this world'
"Yen pirandhai magane, yen pirandayo?
Naan pirandha kaaranathai naane ariyum munne,
neeyum vandhu yen pirandhai, selva magane?"

- Kannadasan
You all know that the body is made of five elements. The Soul is the transmitter that receives vibration from the Planets and makes us grow, responsible for developments from foetus to infant, infant to child., child to boy., boy to youth., youth to man ., man to mature., Mature to old and old to????/ Again to ash in to the earth, and so the cycle repeats.
At the time of seed is planted in the uterus, within 10 seconds, the cover is spread on the seed, on which karma sits. On that karma is getting the vibration from the universe and making the foetus to grow. Here the Karma acts as a receiver and settles as MOOLA DHARA>< The base of ATHARAM, of the magnetic force. The women is having the + ve charges in them, which attracts the heating elements the electrons from the environment and activates the foetus. The Universe has a wave that hums, which is called AUM. The sound which sits on the karma attracts the vibration from the Planets and makes the child grow.
During second, third and fourth month, the foetus runs short of Nitrogen, urea and Ammonia and resin.
Hence the mother wishes to take ash/ Sambal from cow dung which has natural fertilizer, which we call as masakkai.
At the time of positioning Karma on the seed the Sound AUM, forms as base.
Since the AUM is the base, the vibration from Planets activates the growth of the foetus. This Karma creates vacuum in the womb and the body sucks the vibration from the Planets. In the Seventh month, the soul sits on Karma which sppeds up the growth of foetus.
At the time of birth this vacuum is released as air bubble and when the baby cries, the heart functions.
Based on the sound AUM, Om formed and from that Amma created. The Mother who has the power to attract the AUM, the universe is called AMMA.

These Texts you can find in Arka Prakasa, authored by Ravana.
Ravana in one stage explains to Mandhothary his wife about these vibrations and AUM. Hence he is called master of Sama Veda, which is none other than æther.
This Arka prakasa is available for us!
I think the initial words an infant utters would be either 'aaa', 'ooo', 'eee' 'mmm' or a combination of these.

Coz these are the basic sounds which can be produced without the knowledge of language.
On birth babies don't have tongue coordination while making noise or crying.They can only move their lips ie open or close.When the child cries because of closing and opening of lips,we feel that it makes the sound "Amma".Even an American baby will say Amma only when it starts crying after birth.:happy:

The child makes noise and we feel that it cries. After birth, the child can only make noise and it is unfair to conclude that it cries out of sorrow or going further to state that it calls amma. The word Cry should mean only making noise and not expression of sorrow, obviously the kannadasan song is for the singer only and not for the child to answer

K G Madhavan
Till birth in womb, the fetus/baby gets oxygen and other nutrients thru the umbilical cord. But when it is born it takes breath thru its nose and opens mouth. The sound effect and exhaling produces the ‘mmmaaa ‘ sound. Even a balloon ( amma appa balloon ) also makes ammaa sound in similar way.

As mother is the first person who responds to the child, this sound is understood by reflex to denote mother, and the child’s responses are automatically tuned to be so further.

In any community, even though there will be other literary words to denote mother ,the child’s first salutation will be like amma only.

The first opening of mouth is only for food. So it should be effortless and staright.Just open and close. The sound coming out will be having “ ma kaara” sound.

Then next when the child utters further words, it uses lips , When child opens mouth after joining lips , sound of “pa” comes .So after mother this is taken to be father. It is appa in Tamil, and something similar in any other language. ( eg Pa, abba etc.)

Subsequently it uses tongue, teeth etc and sounds correspond to maama, akka ,anna,athai etc.

Actually language is developed based on use of the parts of mouth and nose by the child and not that child speaks a language on birth.

But we take pride in saying :

அம்மா என்றது தமிழ் வார்த்தை

அது தான் குழந்தையின் முதல் வார்த்தை

......... Even a balloon ( amma appa balloon ) also makes ammaa sound in similar way.



is this not extending our imagination a little far out?

i can with reluctance, accept a baby crying maa (though i personally think the baby cry is closer to kwaaaa kwaaa - hence the song kuvaa kuvaa paappa ...)

but stretch as much as i can, my imagination, it broke when i tried to correlate the baby with the balloon.

not sure where you reside, but the balloons there must be of a different type of material than the ones made in china, that we get in toronto.

these balloons only make pfffffttt pfffftttt noise.

thank you..
Thai Thandha Pichaiyile Pirandhaenamma - Endru
Nee Thandha Pichaiyile Valarndhaenamma
Yaen Indha Vaazhkaiyendru Ariyenamma - Idhu
Iraivanukku Oayvunaera Vilaiyaattamma...(Thai..)
PettravaL Udal SalithaaL Pedhaiyaen Kaalsalithaen
Padaithavan Kaisalithu Oyndhaanamma - Ini
Paaviyoaru Thaai Vayittril Piravaenamma --
(Kannadasan, Saraswati Sabatham)...Based on Pattinathar's

Matha Udal SalithaaL Valvinaiyaen Kaal Salithaen
Vedhavum Kai Salithu Oyndhaane - Naatha
Verpaiyoor Vaazh Sivane - Iniyennai
Karpaiyoor Vaaraamal Kaa.... (Vedha = Brahma)
Just to add what I read once:

When a baby is born he/she cries "Koham""Koham" Koham" (close to the kwaaaakwaaakwaaa we hear)
and when we die we should have understood "Soham"

Koham -- Ka aham(who am I)
Soham--- Sa aham(I am He)

Last edited:
To All: RvR sir you are right as per your 2nd Para.But the child when born will not cry automatically, once came out from mothers womb some one will keep the child by headdown and a gentle Pat the child will start cry as "Qwoa,Qwoa, Qwoa, mean where is my wisdom. No child will cry MAA like wise.Better Doctors explain. s.r.k.
Dear all,

In all deliveries whether Normal Vaginal Delivery or by Lower Section Ceaserian Section the baby or babies are supposed to cry at birth.
Almost all babies cry at birth unless there is an amount of Fetal distress involved.
The head down pat on the back is done when the baby does not cry.
The head down holding is done to prevent aspiration of secretions.(old method)
Suction of secretions by negative pressured suction units are used as a routine practise these days to prevent aspiration of secretions in the respiratory tract of the neonate.

babies do cry Kwakwakwakwa if you hear carefully.

But when too many of them cry at the same time in the neonatal unit in the hospital they sound more like an ambulance siren and anyone else also will feel like crying kwakwakwakwa.

mma is the sound which requires minimum effort to make unlike gutturals and plosives which requires the use of more muscles and requires a more complicated process. This is the reason why a child cries maa as it opens its mouth for oxygen. Of course we allow our imagination to work overtime and write a beautiful song about it running something like this "amma enrazhaikkatha uirillaiye, ammavai vanangamal uyarvillaiye......".This is my understanding.
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