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Why in Hindu or Vedic Astronomy we quote for each rasi Ruler, enemy, friend, equal etc.?

What it means?

Eventhough I am reading few Vedic books connected with Astronomy, Iwish to hear from elders and astrologers their views so that I can compare the answer.

I will post mine On Deepavali day!
Tamil Brahmins
Sun, Creates Helium which when contacted with magnetic force from other planets turns in to iron etc.,
Jupiter creates Ammonia, Nitrogen Urea and other salts.
Nitrogen cycle in nature is a must for living. This natural Nitrogen when combines with rain water and showers it creates healthy atmosphere for plants, human and animals. This also purifies the Iron that the Sun disposes in the form of Helium
Hence the Jupiter identified as Guru, the teacher who fertilizing Knowledge to the student.
Mars creates: Sodium and related compounds.
These electrons are activated by female planets and sent in to the earth
The Mercury and Saturn act as transformers(Ethers) responsible for climatic and season change and after reaching South Pole these rays are united and associate and bonded and mixed and the North pole is pulling these electromagnetic force which contains Iron and Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and other gases, and blows as wind . The South pole is divided in to Twelve Rasis of 30º to 32º to each Rasi, and when the rays from other planets reaches or by traveling on the back of Mercury and Saturn and deposits the rays of the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in one of these Rasis, where the Rasi’s grabbing power or the pulling power is deferent for the rays of the planets, and for some rays The rasi will allow to touch the floor of the South pole and for few, it will chase away from the middle and doesn’t allow the rays to touch and relieving the chain of Mercury and Saturn, so that the effect of these rays are felt on the earth.
For example during April 14th to May 15th, The Rays of the Sun is in high power in Mesha Rasi/ Chitirai Month in Tamil. (April-May). On these days, the rays from Sun are with high power and the Saturn is not binding the rays of these Sun rays which are quoted as Enemy (Which means the Sun is moving very slowly on that 30◦, and not controlled by magnetic force from Venus and Mercury) due to which the summer is felt with hot. Sometimes the rays of Sun are attracted to the South Pole which is identified as the Sun Rays are Ruling.(The Sun is moving fast) (August-September) When the same Sun rays are having the extreme power and extra duration it is identified as With High Energy and when the rays are well united with Mercury it is identified as Associate or friendly, when the same Sun rays is taken care of by the vibrations from the Moons around Saturn it never reaches the south pole, but above South Pole at 2 to 3 Kms the Saturn rays, relieves them so that the Sun rays untied and pushed by South Pole and pulled by North pole , and at that time it is called the Enemy with South pole, The Height of these rays are rise up to 7 KMs from earth’s surface and sprayed. Since the earth is rotating anti clock wise direction travels at a speed of the earth and on the way stopped by mountains which doesn’t permit the heat wave to pass through during summer and hence the west side of India and Mountains like Kodaikannal and ooty are cold even in Summer. The western India the Kerala and Karnataka gets rain and Maharashtra also gets rain when there is summer in Tamil Nadu.
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