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Asthma and obesity related to central heating and air conditioning

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Newer homes have many features designed to improve comfort, convenience, and security. However, newer homes may not be as healthy as homes from simpler times. In difficult economic times, health conscious homeowners are saving money, saving energy, and improving their health by “getting back to basics”.

A recent study by the National Center for Healthy Housing analyzed relationships between health status and housing quality over time. They found that the increase in asthma correlates with the trend toward central heating and air conditioning. The increase in obesity strongly correlates with the increase in central air conditioning. The researchers explored some possible reasons for the trends.
Increased thermal comfort inside air-conditioned homes can encourage residents to remain indoors, rather than going outside and exercising. Sedentary habits can lead to obesity, and spending many hours in a poorly ventilated home can increase the chances a person will develop asthma.
Homes with central heating and air conditioning often have less natural ventilation. Historically, residents opened their windows for thermal comfort. With modern central heating and air conditioning, windows are opened less, and chemical contaminants concentrate inside homes. Many of the industrial chemicals used to make modern wood products and home furnishings can emit vapors that trigger asthma. Opening windows in the evening will dilute chemical vapors and cool a home naturally, saving energy and the cost of air conditioning.
Central heating and air conditioning move air at velocities that result in higher levels of airborne particulate. Even though many central air systems have filters, the rapid movement of air in a room will re-suspend particles that would otherwise settle out. Inhaling these airborne allergens and irritants can lead to increases in asthma.
The best prescription for healthy indoor air is to open windows and ventilate a home regularly. Fresh air dilutes formaldehyde, phthalates, and other industrial chemicals that can lead to asthma.
Going outside to enjoy fresh air and outdoor activities will help keep weight down and improve overall health. We live in a great climate with many gorgeous open spaces and hiking trails. A stroll through a wildflower meadow or along a forest stream is good for both body and soul.
Asthma and obesity related to central heating and air conditioning - San Jose Environmental Health | Examiner.com
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