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Ashtalakshmi Temple, Besant Nagar, Chennai

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This beautiful temple on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Chennai enshrines the 8 forms of Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi, the divine consort of Mahavishnu, who are collectively known as Ashta Lakhsmi. Devotees throng this temple and offer pujas to obtain the blessings and bounty of the Goddess.

The 8 Lakshmis according to the Devi Suktham are

  1. Dhana Lakshmi – “Ya devi sarva bhuteshu pushtirupena samstitha”… She is the goddess of bounty and wealth.
  2. Vidya Lakshmi – “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu buddhi rupena samstitha”… She is the goddess of the intellect.
  3. Dhaanya Lakshmi – “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu kshudha rupena samstitha”… She is the goddess who satisfies hunger.
  4. Veera Lakshmi – “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu throothirupena samstitha”… She is the goddess of courage.
  5. Sowbhagya Lakshmi – “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu dhushtirupena samstitha”… She is the goddess of happiness.
  6. Santhana Lakhsmi – “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu mathrurupena samstitha”… She is the mother of all beings.
  7. Karunya Lakshmi – “Ya devi sarva bhuteshu kaarunya rupena samstitha”… She is the goddess of compassion.
  8. Mahalakshmi – “Ya devi sarvabhuteshu Lakshmirupena samstitha”… she abides as Lakshmi in all beings.

“Namasthasmai Namasthasmai Namasthasmai namo namahah”… “I bow to the goddess who has all these attributes” goes a prayer.


In Chennai, the main deities in the Besant Nagar Ashta Lakshmi temple are Mahavishnu and his consort Mahalakshmi. In this temple, Goddess Andal is with the Lord. The utsavar idols are Lord Srinivasa and Goddess Padmavathy. The main sanctum sanctorum faces the sea.

The temple tank is the sea itself and the vimanam is an ashtanga vimanam (0f 8 parts) similar to those at Tirukkottiyur and Uttramerur. The temple is an Omkara Kshetram, the sound of the sea resembling the pranava mantram or the original sound, Om.

The temple is built in tiers and as we climb up the winding stairs, each of the 8 Lakshmi idols appears enshrined before our eyes. One has to be careful while navigating the curved steps, especially with the wind buffeting the face. The temple being a contemporary one, it is built with brick and cement and the exterior is painted with multi-colours.

Besides shrines to Dhanyalakshmi, Dhairyalakshmi, Santalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi and Vidyalakshmi, who are mentioned in the Devi Suktham, the other forms found in this temple are Adhilakhsmi (the source or the beginning of everything. She confers arogyam or good health), Gajalakshmi (She augurs good beginnings for every new venture) and Vijayalakshmi (She grants devotees victory in all efforts). Blessed are the devotees who get the grace of the Goddess.

The temple was established in the year 1976 mainly from devotees’ donations. Poor feeding is carried on regularly. There are also shrines to Lord Ganesha, Lord Ayyappa and Lord Anjaneya.

image credit: indian-heritage.org
hello praveen sir , your OP gives me more of nostalgic feel .I have visited this shrine many times with my family ,friends.such a wonderful and a must place to visit in chennai. lord mahavishnu along with thayar darsan as we enter the temple is pleasing for our eyes. floating crowd can be seen during vaikunda ekadesi ,and also during holidays. some says that the astha lakshmi temple will be in the form of lotus bud ,i have no idea regarding,as we go wounding around each floor in stair case . please clarify it. thanks for sharing with us.


Yes Madam. What you say is correct. There are 108 Amman Idols are installed in this
Temple with the main Idol being Aarai Kasu Amman. In the same vicinity, you can notice
Chakra Kali Amman, Lakshmi Kuberar Sannathi besides Shirdi Sai Baba. This place is
worth visiting by the interested Devotees. You will find lot of Crowd on Amavasya and
Pournami Days in this Temple. Hence I felt it can be posted for the information of everyone.

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hello balu sir, i have visited this temple,as you stated is this the temple where there are 108 amman shrines all over india are at one place? .sir ,but then still i cannot focus the posted picture:sad: .( its stated as invalid in the forum)i need your clarification.
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