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Arz Kiya hai

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This thread can be used to post "Sher aur Shayari"

To start with........

Arz kiya hai.........-.....
Office may Kaam hote hain...
Galtiyo ka sama hota hai....
Aise mausam mein hi to PERFORMANCE jawan hota hai....
Dil ki khunnas BOSS jabaan se nahi kehte...
Ye fasana to appraisal mein bayan hota hai.............

Employee's reply...
Arz kiya hai.........-.....
Appraisal hote hain...
Disappointment ka sama hota hai...
Aise mausam mein hi to Attrition jawan hota hai....
Dil ki khunnas HUM jabaan se nahi kehte...
Ye fasana to resignation se bayan hota hai.... ....

Wah guruji, chchaa gaye !

Kabhi mauka mile to ek movie dekhna jiska naam hai "Damaad".

Superb comedy hai jismen Amol Palekar aur Ashok Kumar mein Boss-Subordinate ka rishta hai. Saath mein Boss ki unbyahi kanya (Preeti Ganguli) bhi jo ki Amol par dore daalti hai. Bechara Ammol kaise jaan chudata hai yeh dekhiye movie mein....
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Kabir ke dohe....revisited by IT

Kabir :
Aisi baani boliye, man ka aapa khoye
Auron ko sheetal kare, aaphi sheetal hoye

Aisa presentation dijiye, man ka aapa khoye,
Auron ko confuse kare, aaphi confuse hoye

Kabir :
Guru Govind doyu khade, kaake laagu paye
Balihari guru aapke, govind diyo bataye

SE :
Client aur manager doyu khade, kaake laagu paye
Balihaari client aapke, manager diyo bataye.

Rahim :
Rahiman dhaaga prem ka, mat todo chatkaye
tode se fir jude na, jude gaanth pad jaaye

SE :
SE confidence manager, mat todo chatkaye
Project to barbaad hoye hi, appraisal mein waat lag jaye.

Kabir :
Dheere dheere re mana, dheere sab kuch hoye,
Maali seenche sow ghara, ritu aaye phal hoye

SE :
Dheere dheere re project leader, dheere project execute hoye,
client dikhaye kitni bhi urgency, release deadline ke baad hi hoye..

Kabir :
Jab Tun Aaya Jagat Mein , Log Hanse Tu Roye
Aise Karni Na Kari , Pache Hanse Sab Koye

SE :
Jab project aaye company mein, client hase hum roye,
Aisi karni na kari , tu hase client roye...

Dukh Mein Simran Sab Kare , Sukh Mein Kare Na Koye
Jo Sukh Mein Simran Kare , Tau Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye

Rush hour mein kaam sab karen , routine mein kare na koye,
jo routine mein sab kaam kare, to rush hour kaahe hoye.

Kabir :
Pothhi padh padh jag mooya, pandit bhaya na koye,
Dhai aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoye

SE :
Coding kar ar jag mooya, programmer bhaya na koye,
Do shabd copy-paste ke, kare so programmer hoye.

Kabir :
Chalati chakki dekh ke, diya Kabira roye,
Do paatan ke beechmein, saabut bacha na koye

Client aur manager ko dekhke, engineers saare roye,
Deadline meet karne ke chakkar mein, saabut bacha na koye.

Chinta Aisee Dakini, Kat Kaleja Khaye
Vaid Bichara Kya Kare , Kahan Tak Dawa Lagaye

Deadline aisi dakini, man ka tension badhaaye,
kaam itna ho sar par, time pe complete kaise ho paaye.

Maala To Kar Mein Phire , Jeebh Phire Mukh Mahin
Manua To Chahun Dish Phire, Yeh To Simran Nahin

Engineer gaye sab cigarette peene, Leader phire office maahin,
Cubicle se jyaada time canteen pe rahe, yeh to dedication naahin
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Songs apt for such situations:

Hum Chorh chale hain mehfil ko, yaad aaye kabhi to,mat rona.....

Na jaao saiyyan chudha ke baiyyan,
kasam tumhari main row padoongi,
row padoongi.....

Chintana wrote:

Sri Kudumi,

I think that you are chosing to leave the forum for reasons that are flimsy.

If somone has asked for a clarification or understood your post differently I don't see why that should be a reason to leave instead of staying around to explain what you said.

Of course it is your choice - you may stay or choose to leave.

We will, of course, be sorry to see you go should you decide so.

Originally Posted by kudumi
Creating a vertical split among Brahmins thereby making the fabric of time and space roll over itself leading to the collapse of the universe was certainly not my intention :).
I think there has been a misunderstanding of my intentions.
I am leaving the forum and am never gonna come back. Hope all goes well.
All the best to all.
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