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Aruvatham Kalyanam - to do required..

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i would like to request for some information on wat to be done for Aruvadham Kalyanam (60th age, wedding).. since i m not in my home land, i would like to gather details to prepare and do it the way it has to be done..

rituals of ayush, mrithyunjaya, and other homams, plus Rudra Ekadasi, and kalyanam (speaking broadly) are the info i was able to gather from the internet and aathu-vadyar um sonnar..

regarding, wat to buy, esp maangalyam, ompodu gajam (9yards) idhulellaam i need some help.. i dont wanna miss up on anything as i will be arriving just a day before the shubha-karyam.. yenna pannanum nu therila..

would also love inputs from ppl who have performed it earlier, for their parents/inlaws.. thanking u in advance..

For sixtieth birthday the following things are required. Manjal 25 grams;Manjal thool10gram;betel 100 betel nut 50 grammes ;pakku pottalam or vaasanai paaku 100 pottalam.Sandal paste or sandal powder 10 gramms;Plantain fruit poovan palam 30 nos;uthiri flowers 1 basket; Haaram 2;Thodutha poo mallikai kadambam 50 feet;Maavilai kothu 4; manjal akshathai 50 gram; coconut 10 nos; kumkumam10 gram;2metre thundu 1; Paddy 500grams;rice 2kilo;ghee 500 grams;camphor 1pocket.scented stick (oodhuvathi)1 pocket;Homa samangal=sraithool 5kilo;vratti 25 nos;visiri 1;Thambalangal5; Navathanyangal= wheat rice toor dhall ;green gram;sundal kadalai;mochai;gingilly;black gram;horse gram. each=100grams; brass dabara 4; sombu; panchapat6hra uthirini;kuthuvilakku gingily oil for vilaku thiri;match bo1;karpoora thattu aarathi t5hattu aarathi karaisal;small size dabara or kinnangal 6nos;samithu; dharbai bell neivedhya samangal;water; homakundam;yellow mustard(manjal kadugu 50 gram)Dhakshinaikku rupee changes coins 1;2;5;rupee coins for three hundred rupees;Prepare onelist in apaper first nakshathram then raasi then nameof yours then your wife your children grand children daughter in law ;son in lawand and give it to your vadhyar (sastrigal).During sangalpam he will read it. First anugai=permission to do this. Iron kadaai 1; gingillyoil 500grams .All your family members must see the oil in thekadaai and then this must be given as dhaanamto a brahmin;nobody inyour family shouldseethebrahmingoingoutwiththis dhaanam; then youall members must seeyour face ina mirror; then Ganapathy pooja;Nava graha preethi dhaanam;Kalasa sthapanam= wheat 5 kilo rice 2 kilo black gram 1 kilo gingilly 200 grams; Big brss kudam1; nine small brass sombu for navagrahas;to becontinued.
Now a days eversilver articles are iron, soyou can buy one eversilver container with lid capacity more than half a litre, pour gingilly oil half litre into it and you may give that as dhaanam after seeing your(all family members)face onthe oil with dakshina to a brahmin.The capacity of the 9 brass sombu It must one litre of water.In the brass kudam fillthat with water pour some saffron, powdered pachai karpooram cardamam; krampu;vettiver vilamichai ver gold rings; gold chain; some small silver articles like kumkumachoppu. no.10 nool kandu 1or 2 must be purchased to nool chuttal the kudam.Then adorn the kudam with sandal paste kukkukmam,mango leave kothu one coconut darbai koorcham and 2yards towel.all the navagraha sombu(9) should be filled with water then with mangoleaves kothu 9nos,9 cocoanuts 9 koorcham made out of dharbai and adorned with sandal paste kumkumam, with 9 blouse bits length 80cms. colours;In the centre suryan wheat(100 gram) red colour blouse bit;In the south east white color blouse rice; In the south sevvai toor dhall red colorblouse;IN the north east budhan green gram green color blouse In the north guru sundal kadalai(moong dhall) golden color blouse In the east sukran white color blouse mochai; In the west gingilly sani baghvan blue color blouse In south west rahu black gram black colorblouse; In north west kethu horsegram multi colored(printed) blouse bit. Betel leaves each two with two betelnut and two poovan valai palamfor neivedyam shouldbe put near them.FOR HOMAM FOR THESE NAvagrahas each 15 in nos (minimum)erukku;purasu;karungali;naayuruvi;arasu;athi;vanni;aruganpul and dharbai;is required.Near to this goddess durga; ganapathy;shethrabalar;Abayangarar;Vasthu; thriambagar 27 natchathra devatha and varunan in the kudam will be placed. In the kumbam (kudam)aavaahanam should be done for varunan;lakshmi narayanan;Brahma;Thriambagar(shiva)AAyur devatha;Nakshathra devathai Your kula deivam Ista deivam;Lakshmi kuberan;sudarshnan;Bhagyadevatha(Bhagya suktam)Dhanvanthri;Durga lakshmi saraswathi etc;Then prana prathistai must be done Then (16) shodasa upachara pooja Aasanam; (water to clean the legs);aachamaniyam;snanam;aachamana;Vasthram upaveetham;AAbaranangal;Saanthanam;kumkumam; manjal akshathai;Archanai with flowers toall devathaas;Doopam;deepam neivedyam;pachai karpoora thamboolam; Manthra pushpam Swarna pushpam;camphor aarathi;These are called shodasa upachara pooja.THen comes manthra japam by sastrigals as follows;mruthyuanjaya sooktham;mrutha sanjeevana sooktham;aayushya sooktham;navagraha sooktham;nakshathra sooktham;etc; Then homam Purasu kuchhi for homam is needed more here.about250 kucchies; Havis the quantity askyour sastrigal; samithu annam and aajyam =ghee.Theses three are required for homam;Homamtoall aavahanadhi devathas with athi devatha and prathi athi devathafor navagrahas;dasathikku paalakargal;Then aayushya homam32 times by 4 sastrigals should be done;Then vyahirudhi homam; jayathi homam;etc;bali to rudran;Then punar pooja to all dieties and navagrahas; then pradhakshina namaskaram including sastrigals homakundam and devathas in kudam ; and sombu kalasam;Then pouring of sombu and kudam waterto all and drinking that water toall .Then pancha dhaanam or dasa dhaanam to sastrigals. Pancha dhaanam=dhoti;Bell;Book;water with brass sombu deepam Dasa Dhaanam=Dhoti(9+5)honey;salt;jaggerry;gold;silver;cow=Mattai thengai; sandalwood;Ghee;ellu=gingillyseed;Kudam water abishekam to kartha ; then thirumangalya dhaaranam gold 8 grammes 2 mangalyamand 4 kundu; Then aasirvatham and meals.In the previous day rudra ekadasini=11 sastrigal will recite for 11 times rudram with chamakam;then rudra homam;1 kudam and 11 brass sombu with maavilai coconut and ghee for homam 1kg or more will be required;Haaram fot the couple for two days 4 harams required.and one for kudam;flowers for archana and thodutho pushpamand plantain fruits thaamboolam other fruits apple pine apple orange grapes;jackfruit mangoes etc;are required;You can give to all your relatives dhoties sarees;blouse bits;pants; shirts;and for sumangalis bangles;kumkum manjal thamboolam megandhi comb mirror eyetex etc;They in turn will give you dhoties and sarees etc;Please feelfree if you have any doubts inthis forum.

Gopalan Sir,

pinnitel.. thank u so much for such a detailed reply.. really really excited and happy.. muzhussaa padikarathuku munnadi ore kushi.. thank u once again.. really really happy to know ppl are there around to help and guide..

RUDRA EKADASINI. Sanskrit grantha libi book Santhi kusumakaram tells us about santhis. (1) First year completion of the child star wise ABTHA POORTHI SAANTHI. (2) Ending of 59th year and begining of 60th year on the of janma nakshathram UGRA RATHA SANTHI. (3)Ending of 60th year and begining of 61st year janma nakshathram day;SHASTI ABDAPOORTHI SHANTHI. (4) Ending of 69th year and begining of 70th year janma nakshathram day; BHEEMA RATHA SHANTHI.(5) Ending of 77years 7 months and 7 days; VIJAYA RATHA SANTHI. (6) SATHABISHEGAM: At the age of 83 years may be conducted. After seeing the son s Grandson one may do KANAKABISHEKAM. Ending of 100th year and begining of 101 year one can do POORNABISHEKAM. During these times rudra ekadasini is being performed. RUDRA EKADASINI; 11 sastrigals should recite rudram for 11 times in one sitting. MAHA RUDRAM; 121 sastrigals should recite rudram 11 times in one sitting. ATHI RUDRAM; 121 sastrigals should recite rudram 11 times in one sitting 11 sittings; Morning ;noon; evening; 3 sittings per day For four days; Different methods are there in doing this in a temple and in the house. In maha rudram and Athi rudram 121 sastrigals; in 11 group each group will have 11 sastrigals; each group will have 11 kalasams or brass sombu; In rudra ekadasini one sitting 11 sastrigals 11 brass sombu =11 kalasams. Prepare a list of your relatives s nakshathram raasi and name of yours your wife sons and daughters and of grand children and sons in law and daughters in law etc and give it to your sastrigals. Wear new poonal; With two coconuts and do namaskaaram to your deity and to the elders of the family members and get blessings. Anugai=Permission; Ganapathy pooja;Graha preethi dhaanam; naandhi ;punyahavachanam;Vaishnava srardham; dhaanam; dasa dhaanam;krucharacharanam; giving power of attorney to sastrigal. minimum 12 sastrigals are required. one brass kudam and 11 brass sombu are required; Chant boo sooktham and spread wheat on the floor; put a leaf over it; then spread rice on the leaf ;then on the another layer with plantain leaf spread black gram. put the big kudam in the middle and place the 11 brass sombu in a circle form. Kalasa taathparium :Kalasam with full of water is moorthy;kudam nam udal amsam;nool churruvathu; represents 72000 naadis in our body;Vasthram on the kudam represents is our skin; Water in the kudam is the blood and seven dhatus; Navaratnam silver and gold ornaments in the kudam denotes sperm; Koorcham into the kudam is our vertabral column; mangoleaf bunch is jadai pinnal; coconut denotes kabaalam; koorcham outside the kudam is kudumi;praana prathistai and nyasam are jeevan;Haaram and flowers are alankara articles; wheat aqnd rice under the kudam is the seat for the kudam.Each sastrigal must sit in the circle form near each kalasam.ganges water if available may be poured in the kudam;You may put pancha rathnam:Gold; vairam;muthu;neelam; red padmaragham;5 tender leaves of aal; arasu; athi;mango and ichi; pachai karpoora powder; saffron;vilamichhai ver (root) vetti ver must be added in the water; Thaithareeya samhita 6th kaandam first lesson fourth para says the kartha and sastrigal should not speak other subjects during this period. All the 12 sastrigals must do varunan aavaahanam pooja doopam deepam neyvedyam karpoora neeranjanam separately.then punyahavachanam japam;pavamaana sooktham;mahanyasam;pancha muga rudra nyasam;pancha muga nyasam;dasamam anganyasam;pancha anganyasam;Hamsa gayathri japam ;Thikku sapuda nyasam;kesaathi paadhantha nyasam; Shodasa anga roudreekaranam;guhyaathi masthakantha shadanga nyasam; AAthma rakshai;shiva sangalpam; Purusha sooktha paarayanam; apra thirathaha;prathipurusham;shatha rudreeum; pancha anga japam;eight namaskarangal;Sri rudra lagu nyasam; this is another method; instead of doing mahaa nyasam we can do lagoo nyaasam rudra japam; If you are having sri chakra or meru and or shiva lingam one sastrigal will do abishegam for the lingam, Abisheka articles;p milk 5 litres;curd honey; fruit juice;Tender coconuts 4 nos;sandal wood powder 100 grams; Dharma sastram says during veda paaraayanam stomach should not be empty. so they can take some light food;Food without garlic;onion;and masala canbe taken.Sathu maavu; gruel;fruits milk can be taken;sukku (dried ginger) jeerakam mixed with water boil it then give them to drink; this will soothe their throat. Then rudra vidhana saamba parameshwara shodashopachaara pooja for each kalasam by individual sastrigal.A= samba paramshwarar. b1= mahadevar; shivan ;rudran;;sankaran;;neelalohithan;eesaanam;vijayan; beemam; deva devam; bavothbavam;Aadhithyamaka sri rudram punyahavachanam;kalasam;some will have one sombu for Ambal also some will not have sombu for ambal; Kalasa dhyanam; aavaahanam prana prathistai;upachara poojas;archana rudra trisathi archanai; pradakshinam;13 namaskarangal;praarthanai; rudra japa poorvaangam; nyasangal;kavacham; asthram; dhyaanam; pancha pooja;ganapathy dhyaanam;shaanthi paadam;Rudra japam laghu pooja Argyam; Sri rudra homam; then punar pooja to all kalasams;kalasam yathasthaanam; prokshanam;Aacharya rithwik sambaavanai;AAsirvaadam; Haarathi thrisuparna manthras during serving food for sastrigals;Ghee and havis and samithu homam; The quantity will vary according to the method the sastrigal is doing;Vasordharai; Four vedhas paaraayanam; swsta krith homam;jayaathi homam; bali ;agni yathaasthaanam; sastrigals are reciting rudram; but the kartha is not hearing those manthras; he is giving more attention for their relatives and freinds who are coming there. this is wrong;persons who are coming for the function should not speak in the hall they must hear rudra sound and only finishing this one they must speak.do not allow others to speak at that time; rudra ekadasini will take 6 hours only during that time request all to keep quiet. virati srai thool samithu;ghee will be required for this ;ask your sastrigal for the quantity required. Brass sombu and kudam can be reused for the next day function; Abishekam to the kartha must be done only by the sastrigals; You should not allow others to do abishekam for the kartha; For beema ratha shanthi no thiru mangalya dhaaranam as it is only shanthi. only for sathaabishegam children of the kartha can do abishegam; rudra ekadasini can also be done without abhishekam to siva lingam and also without rudra homam; number of methods are there. the same method and requirements are applied for shastiapthapoorthy; beema ratha shanthi sathabishegam ;
The quantity required for dasa dhaanam is described as follows in the shaarangathara samhitha vaidhya grantham ; cow with calf which gives 1 litre milk daily. Boomi;300 kilo yielding per year 20 cent agriculture land; Thilam=ellu=gingilly seed 6 kilo;Gold. 3/4 gram;silver 25 gram;Ghee 3.2 kilo;Dhoti 10x6 or 9x5;Jaggary 3 kilo;Salt 307.2 kilo;Dhanyam 307.2 kilo
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