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Arupadai Veedu- PALANI

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Arupadai Veedu- PALANI

Of the various forms of the Supreme Godhead, that of Sri Muruga, the Lord Subrahmanya of the puranas (epics), is the most popular in Tamil Nadu. Like the Ayyappa legend of Kerala or the Srinivasa legend of Tirupati, Tamil Nadu has its own legend: Muruga.; The Lord Subrahmanya, son of Shiva, who was born to kill Taraka Asura is worshipped as Muruga (the boy form of Subrahmanya), in all splendour and great romance found perhaps nowhere else.

There is a legend how Lord Murugan came to this sacred spot.

Narada Muni, a sage, brought a golden mango to the divine court of Lord Siva when Lord Siva was seated with his consort Parvati and His children Lord Vinayakar and Lord Subrahmanya. Narada gave the fruit to Lord Siva and implored Him to eat since it was a rare, miraculous Jñanapalam, the fruit of wisdom. As a loving husband, Lord Siva gave it to Parvati and requested her to eat. As a loving mother, she wanted to give the fruit to her children. As there was only one fruit and it should not be cut, they announced a contest and said that the winner would be given the fruit. Whoever completes one round of the globe first will be given the fruit.

Lord Subrahmanya mounted His peacock to go around the world. Lord Vinayakar circumambulated around His parents, symbolising the world, and got the fruit. On return, Lord Subrahmanya found that He was cheated. In anger, He renounced His family and came to this spot to settle forever. Lord Siva and Parvati came to pacify Him. They said, "Pazham Nee" ('You are the Fruit'). Hence the name Palani is a popular syncopation of the two words mentioned.

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How Kavadi Tradition Began

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(Idumban reaches Palani and feels the kavadi is suddenly heavy)

Sage Agastya[/SIZE] wanted to take two hills—Sivagiri and Sakthigiri—to his abode in the South and commissioned his disciple Idumban to carry them. Idumban bore the hills slung across his shoulders, in the form of a kavadi one on either side. When he was fatigued, he placed the kavadi near Palani to take rest.

At this stage, Subrahmanya or Muruga had been outwitted in a contest for going round the world.

When Idumban resumed his journey, he could not lift the hill. Muruga had made it impossible for Idumban to make it. In the fierce battle that ensued, Idumban was killed but was later on restored to life. Idumban prayed that:

  1. whosoever carried on his shoulders the Kavadi, signifying the two hills and visited the temple on a vow, should be blessed and
  2. he should be given the privilege of standing sentinel at the entrance to the hill.

Hence we have the Idumban shrine halfway up the hill where every pilgrim is expected to offer obeisance to Idumban before entering the temple of Dandāyudhapani.

Since then, pilgrims to Palani bring their offerings on their shoulders in a kavadi. The custom has spread from Palani to all Muruga shrines worldwide.

Please see the pictures from this link

"Pazham Nee": How Palani gots its name

Palani can boast of a railway station - just 2 Kms away from the foot of the Palani Malai. The Palani railway station is mid way between Dindigul and Coimbatore.

Palani can be reached in about three to four hours drive from any of the nearest airports: Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchy. Information is also available from the office of the Devasthanam Information Centre at the Palani bus stand.

The Legend of Palani


Skanda Legends in the Puranas

Official Website of Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple, Palani

Palani Murugan Temple | Way To Temple

Palani Dhandayudhapani Temple - Tamilnadu,South India
PJ sir
got educated on kavadi.

In north , they carry kavadi after going to kashi on foot on a pilgrimage

the pilgrims pass thru delhi on their way back carrying the kavadi . they come in groups small and big. the charitable organisations receive them at various points in town , loddge them for overnight stay and feed them

these people also jam the interstate highways, filling up the roads on those days . police have special arrangements for regulating their flow into the capital . some road accidents involving them , take some direct to heavan also and there have been ugly incidents involving them and locals .

Popularly called kavadias , their religeous fervour is to be seen to be believed . whether these also have any relation to murugan worship I do not know

I have been to murugan temple in palani .once . I remember taking the ropeway to reach the temple . I also got some sun burns on my feet due to the heat there . it was the summer season.In some temples , they have carpets which are kept watered to facilitate pilgrims

in swaminarayan temple in ahmedabad , they have used some special marble stones in steps leading to the temple . these stones do not absorb the heat and remain cool in summer . the pathway to the temple is also carpeted and watered . these temples has been made with generous donations from gujarati businessmen as the one in delhi on jamuna banks .

our temples get a lot of donations .but they hardly make good arrangements for pilgrims . where does the donation money go. ?
Dear P J Sir,

My parents used to take all of us to Palani every year and Lord Murugan was like our family deity though our Kula Deivam is in Kerala.

We siblings used to have competition in reaching the top of the hillock by running in the steps! :)

During my last visit with Ram and my son's family, we had to depend on the winch service - getting old!! :D
If someone rushes to eat first in a crowd, we used to tease the person saying,

'idumbanukku muthal poojai'! :hungry:

Probably this phrase is related to Palani!
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