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Arupadai Veedu of Vinayagar

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Pillayar is there in every nook and corner of the street. Nobody can hold him in few houses.

Kripananda variar use to say `Pidichu vachaa Pillayar'. A handful of sand is sufficient to make a pillayar.

He is the first and foremost God and should not be held hostage in few places.

All the best
I think some devotees of pillayar has created like this. There is no links found between 6padai veedus and pillayar at all. Even to say there are many more pillayar temples famous than 6padai of murugan. The 6padai of murugan temples are related to 6 chakras, 6 faces, 6 manthras, and so on. There is no such need for ganapathy. As stated by RVR uncle, he is there everywhere. Infact he is the person responsible for the chakras itself. So, the concept of 6padai veedus for pillayar itself is very very later insertion I think.

arupadai veedu of God Vinayaga


In Maharashtra, worship of Lord Ganapathi is famous. There are
eight important temples - ashta vinayak in and around Pune.
The people there recite Ganapathi Atharvaseesh daily.

Late Balagangadhar Tilak made Vinayaka chathurthi a social function
lasting for ten days to unite the people and give impetus to the
freedom movement.
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