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Arrangements for srardhas every year on long term basis

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Dear Ramabadranji,
As per vedic culture, sradhas to be performed by the individual only for their elders who were passed away by anone to conduct and it is not useful. But there is an alternate by way way of doing annadhanas in temple on the specified date in the name of elders, which is little useful.

with regards
Are there there temples or brahmin organisations in Tamilnadu that would perform srarthas
every year on the respective thithis without fail and feed poor brahmins thereafter. If anyone has
the details kindly provide the telephone numbers, address and email address. Many thanks.
Dear Sir, we do have such places in Chennai. The temple complex in Madhya Kailash, do this. you can contact them at the following address:
SRI ANANDA VINAYAKAR CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONMADHYA KAILASNo. 1, Sardar Patel Road, Adyar, Taramani PostCHENNAI 600 113. Phone: 2235 0859, 2230 0936.Also the Ragavendra temple complex near T Nagar also do this. But in both the places i feel the presence of some persons or your raltives is required. You can check, or if you mwant i can check and let you know Sir.
I greatly appreciate your response. The idea behind seeking guidance was to make fool proof arrangements
for my great grandparents . I remember them almost quite frequently.

I wish I had done this sort of arrangement earlier but wisdom dawned on me very late. Ofcourse

I would request someone to see that annadhanam is done on their respective thithis at the places

suggested. Many many thanks for your help and understanding.

Dear Ramabadran Sir,

Doing the shradh for the departed souls has been there for centuries and that's why our land is called karma bhumi( my thoughts). No other place on the earth has this distinction. Even if you or your brother forget to do the tharpanams etc for the passed away relatives or close ones, there are places in where you can do the parihara tharpanam. One such place is in between Mayavaram and Thiruvaroor. It is next to Koothanoor, only place on TN to have temple for Saraswathi.. village of the great poet Ottakoothar. The village is called "sedalapathi" at preesent. But the original name is "Thilatharpana puri". From the name itself you can find out the importance the place has for tharpanams. "Thila" means "ellu" in tamil & "seasame seeds in english. one of my friend Mr.S.V.Gopalan is in that village and has helped so many people to do the tharpanams on auspicious days like "Thai amavasai" etc. when you do Tharpanam in that village it is believed that our pitru 's come and take the pindams . Even Rama did tharpanam for his father in this place.
The village lies next to Arasilaru a branch river of Cauvery, amidst lush green paddy and sugarcane field. if you can plan and come down to TN u can do the shrads and have mental peace. I will be more than glad to help out in any way.

Dear Manoharkumaji

I could not thank you immediately for your quick response as I was away at Portland on holiday.
It was very kind of you to have acted promptly on my request which I am acknowledging belatedly.
I am sorry for this lapse on my part. As suggested by you, would certainly avail of your valuable
help when I am in need . I would however like to have your telephone numbers which kindly
provide and oblige. Koothanoor is famous for Saraswathi temple and now I understand
that it is also a sacred place for performing pitru tharpanam.

Dear Sir,

i am sorry i was also on travel so delayed reply. My contact numners are:
Resi: 044-42185045
Off: 044-42290551 &
Mob: 919884492899.
Will be available in office from 910 am to 2000 hours and after that you can reach me in my mobile or resi numbers. Hope this would help-?

Dear Manoharkumarji

I do not find suitable words to thank you most sincerely for the quick response . The details provided would be
of great help to me. I would be in touch with you at the appropriate time. God bless.

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